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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

SongWriter X and The Skeleton Band 2 (Formerly Calavera Skeleton Band)

I have watched more of the Calvera Skeleton band videos. I will share my comments.
Roll The Bones 
Roll the Bones has a title that I expected a more poppish tune. But an old 50's swing era singer leads this soft and slow song. A female trumpeter takes center stage who I may have recalled seeing in another video. The video is simple with the band members performing on a bright-colored twirling platform. One lyric that stands out is
Dance away the sins of old
This theme appears again in Red. The song ends with a peace-inducing jazz instrumental. Only this has a clearer shallower sound with better percussion.

When Everything Was Alright

When everything was alright has a 90s power rock beat that would be perfect for radio. The vocals and music have variety going from each verse and chorus. The few sentences that are repeated enough and the heavy rock beat make this a perfect song to be performed live at clubs. 

The Clown Who Stole Christmas

An Australian Didgeridoo is played at the beginning of The Clown Who Stole Christmas. A video that is part of the Skeleton world series. This screams ORIGINALITY. Settled in a nice mansion by a warm fire on Christmas day. Looking out the window, are they in London? Some really nice paintings with golden frames. Apparently these videos are paying off big time for them. I think the audio recording was from a band member's actual Christmas experience! Haha this should be a one act play at high schools. 

The clown is a very strange looking cat. And when the main couple meets family or friends at the Arroyo Grande. They appear to be meeting 3 very strange magi that want them to step into the orange and blue vortex. Why is Al Roker with the voice of Macy Gray part of their family? 

The Art of War is read with AUTHORITY. They realize the spider has been taken from the Christmas tree.  And the guy on the far right has very nervous guilty energy. They try replacing it with an orange palm and Garfield. Neither one fit on top of the tree. Nervous energy dude brings her a pot holder. She rightfully hits him with it. But she thanks him for his kindness. We know that he is innocent. And the clown has appeared. He is captured and wrapped with Christmas Lights. 

Man! I thought my holidays were rough. The Skeleton Band song Wondrous Night plays. A decent peaceful Christmas song. And a main reason I enjoy their videos is that despite the skeleton masks there is a warmth and humor to each video. 

I Wanna Be A Beatle

I wanna be a Beatle at midnight. The fake band Wanna Beatles has wannabe etched into their title. The beginning of the video gives off this Hard Day's Night crazy fame vibe. During the video Indy Rock Skeleton Band alludes to the following Beatles songs and characters:
Norweigen Wood,
Within You Without You
No Reply
Won't Be Long
Penny Lane
Abbey Road Cover
spoof on Abbey Road Cover
Paul McCartney look a like
John Lennon look a like (most notably on penny lane portion)
Helter Skelter
Strawberry fields
Eight days a week
I am The Walrus

Such a wide variety of Beatles songs are alluded either in obvious visual ways or sung. And more subtly with different vocal beats. They also used British decorated guitars. The Beatles had such a unique brand that gave each of their songs a signature Beatles sound.

But Michael Jackson sneaks in as the man on the far right at 3:25.


Red has Calvera Skeleton band signature guitar sound. However, the lead singer is trying a different type of singing. A more classic rock, even 80s rock style. I don't know the significance of Red. But I may infer the theme has to do with love. Because of the Roses and because the singer wants to atone for the wrong he has done. When the band comes into the picture watch for the lead singers doppelganger. 

Rock Til You Die 2015

Rock Til You Die 2015 is their signature rock anthem redone. A clearer, louder sound with added solos. They are in simpler more open space. And the song becomes more badass than the older version. 

The video features a moon with buildings sideways like in the interior universe of San Andreas Grand Theft Auto. In fact, you feel like you are in an unknown dimension in a secret world. The ground doesn't look solid. One false move and you could plummet endlessly. A great guitar solo that is as exciting as any I have heard. From the road we go to volcanic beaches. These guys take risks. Back on the moon again. We finish near the Witch's castle. 

Bonehead and the Groupies

Bonehead meets his groupies in a library that needs a new floor. Rock til you Die is played with Hippish sounds mixed in. The wolf-haired drummer is overtaken by his groupies. As they go down the non-fiction section, across to the sports section. This band remains a mystery.