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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Rock Music Videos: SongWriter X and the Skeleton Band part 3 (Formerly Calavera Skeleton Band).

May I introduce to you the one and only Songwriter X and the Skeleton Band. Our third installment begins:

Wondrous Night

What's on the top of tree? I assume Wondrous night is about Christmas. The peace is Christmas is in fact when you feel all is well with the world. You have done people right and can finally relax! But that pesky clown is stealing the top ornament. 

To search for him we head back to the Arroyo Grande tunnel. Let's just enter that orange and Blue vortex already! Once we enter we will find the costumes they are all wearing. Back to the house. Is the ornament there? 

Time to learn about the Art of War again. I am going to read that at my family's Christmas this year and note the reaction. 

Indeed, who cares if the world does come crashing down on you. On such a beautiful night as Christmas, you can listen to a terrific Christmas song. A song with beautiful vocal and instrumental melodies. 

On My Sleeve

A Byrdsy opening guitar riff. The vocals compliment the music perfectly. I like the variation in both the music and vocal verses. The Songwriter X and Skeleton Band members wear their hearts on their sleeve. 

A fun song. Because 1:48 is a magnificent sound. How is the guitar tuned? 

The band plays as a cohesive unit. They each play their parts. Susi and Songwriter X dance in sync to the song. The song ends with transcendent guitar playing. Introduce yourself in the comments Guitar Aficionado. 

And I want to hear from YOU. Let me know what you think of this great rock band.

Rock Hasta La Muerte

This is obviously the Spanish version of Rock Til you die with a few changes.
For one the Spanish Pirate ship is different.

Oh no! Here comes those pesky kids that are unaware of the danger they face in a dark castle. If they were ever challenged to a guitar hero competition these musical skeletons would destroy them. At last, they have realized how to fit in. They must wear Skeleton costumes. The two clones are inviting you back to the castle.

In conclusion, don't pay $500 for Rosetta Stone Spanish. Just study this video to enjoy your trip to Barcelona, Spain.

Gonna Be Myself
I love the watery guitar riff. This is a sound I crave. The beauty of sound I cannot describe. The playing of I cannot comprehend.

True to the lyrics, Songwriter X and the Skeleton Band certainly live their own way. They are bold and do their own thing. Firstly, they travel in a Green hearse Cadillac with the license plate abbreviating Mortician.

Secondly, Songwriter X and Susi are trying to ride a horse fossil that has 0 horsepower inside Socrates cave. But they can't care. They refuse to care. They are enjoying life.

And the wall graffiti rings true,
there is always hope
if you can adapt the be yourself concept. As psychologists say,  "as long as you are not hurting anyone else it is an acceptable way to be." Rather, this rock song is the avoidance of being hurt or judged.

Yet with Transcendent guitar solos towards the end of this song, Songwriter X and the Skeleton Band deserve your praise, likes, shares, diggs, and plus ones.

Those nincompoop kids are back fighting on top of the columns. As a British YouTuber would say
I can't be bothered to help them. 
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