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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

SongWriter X and the Skeleton Band 1 (Formerly Calavera Skeleton Band)

Folks I introduce to the stage tonight a terrific indie rock band you should hear before everyone else. The Skeleton Band
I plan tonight to feature my analysis of 3 of their songs. I chose randomly from their youtube repertoire hoping for a good cross section. 

Only For Love

Only 4 love has a Spanish sound. The drummer has a Spanish pirate hat like a conquistador. 
Impressively, the singer's diction is good in all their songs. So if you listen a few times, not only can you understand all the lyrics, but you can piece together the story /theme of the calvera skeleton band's  focused lyrics.

 I love the child hippies around 2:17 haha It's woodstock baby! Great guitars throughout. These Indie rock artists will be good at your live bar / restaurant. And in the video is a solid authentic performance. Special effects exist but you feel it was one take like they are doing a live one act play for you. The skeleton costumes ease both tension of performing and the viewer watching. As most indie rock bands would hope for it becomes only about the music. Which is interesting with a rocking beat. Only 4 Love is upbeat and great for a cultural festival. 

Would love the band to comment on why this artist was chosen for this video and the main concept behind the sound of Only for Love. While the grim reaper creeps around he doesn't attack the hippies. The pink-haired person has a clear devotion to Bob Marley. Elvis dude rocks out. And don't ignore the preschool teacher on the far right at 2:30 rock dancing to the song. 

Rock til' You Die
Rock til you die has a steady bass guitar riff that would make this a concert staple and radio hit. The main few scenes remind me of a more intensely twisted version of the Haunted Mansion from Disney's Magic Kingdom. 

Rock till you die is a simple message that will make any manic-depressive listening to this Indie Rock song enter into their happy stage or mania. I hope they don't spend too much cash on unnecessary things or drive to fast listening to this song.  

The gray skeleton face person gives the impression rightly or wrongly that he or she is younger than the others. But the great enigma of the Skeleton Band is you don't know or care about anything except the music and the atmosphere. Which is what an indie rock band should want. 

The wise old man at beginning has the perfectly suited voice for this pseudo scary theme. You enjoy their fright but you never feel threatened. It is all very good fun. When 
Rock til you die
is sung in barritone or low voice it is a moment of having the exact right note. And throughout the vocal tempo matches the music tempo quite well. Making Rock Til You Die enjoyable listening.

My question is who injured the older man's right foot. I think it was the keyboardist who probably tipped the keyboard onto his foot. haha. I like the kids involved playing the long instrument on the ground. what instrument is that? And lastly, I like the hand motions from the front left guitarist. He or she has a great stage involvement. The Calvera Skeleton band is a great live performance.  

Fell in a well
Though I just started listening to this great indie rock band, Fell in A Well is already my favorite. The great guitar based opening takes you exploring areas in your mind.  

The song is a simple concept to grasp. And if you listen a few times you definitely pick up all the words and laugh at this poor soul stuck in a well. This style of music and singing would work well if this indie rock band parodied the song of some pop rock artist. 

So many examples of great humor throughout Fell In A Well music video. They throw down a rope in a noose and take his head off. haha. Searing guitars over the main beat. 

Get those kids off the top of the well! I hear the girl from the ring climbing up the well. The only unfamiliar lyrics from the chorus probably relate to the cave that is featured in the background. What cave is this? 

Props to the drummer dude for saving papa calvera. Initially he can't get his drums together before the guitar solo opening ends. Screw it! I will throw the rope down the well instead. He better hurry as the grim reaper is too close to the stuck man for his comfort. Finally, he seems to  be  out of the well but his body and legs are mysteriously floating near the top of the well. 

Looking to the giant castle-like wall and the orange sky on the far left. You have to set this place in Palestine, Iraq, Madrid, or your local police station. This band and song is better than my above attempt at humor. Enjoy the Skeleton band's humor and music from their song Fell in A Well. 

Let's continue to listen and discover songs from this great Indie Rock band. Their best is yet to come!
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