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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Oasis Part 1 British Rock Definitely Maybe

Definitely Maybe
Oasis stormed the world with swagger, releasing Definitely Maybe on August 30th, 1994. The album begins with:

Rock N' Roll Star 
 I originally thought the song's title was too direct a self-praising statement in comparison to the similar I Hope I Think I Know from Oasis's third album Be Here Now.  But Oasis's arrogance is the attitude and hedonistic lifestyle Oasis is about. Oasis's celebration of life, music and good times draws people into the music.


       Noel believes the best songs are based on borrowing from the best lyrics and songs of the past. So Noel is a student of history and the world around us. Let me explain some of the song's references. Shakermaker is a 1970s toy. Mr. Soft is a character from a Trebor soft mints commercial. Mr. Clean is a song by the Jam.  Mr. Bean is from a British cartoon. And Mr. Sifter is the owner of Noel Gallagher's favorite record store. The musical melody is a twelve-bar blues progression. And the melody for the verse was originally taken from "I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing (In Perfect Harmony)" by Roger CookRoger Greenaway, Bill Backer and Billy DavisThe result of "copying" is a more infectious guitar riff and vocal melody with fun lyrics. The loud distorted guitars give you a new kind of energy. It's belief in these loud songs that makes you feel you are slightly on edge, slightly messed up, slightly crazy in comparison to your fellows. You feel important listening to this music. Oasis Shakermaker rocks!1

Live Forever
      Their first big hit. If you don't want a seizure I recommend the British version of the music video in lieu of the US version. The gag of burying drummer Tony McCaroll in the music video is done in good fun. The pick axes add comedy. But highlights the strained blood between band members and Tony and also points towards the Gallagher brothers ousting Tony from Oasis in the future.  Another stunt in the music video is Liam Gallagher cooly floating on a chair against a wall. Noel stands above it all on a stair set as does the bassist Paul McGuigan affectionately known as "Guigsy". A roller bladder careens through the scene. 2
      The loud music is exciting; backed by the hope, and the fun the brothers and band members are having. The guitar work is simple and rocks. Noel Gallagher has a stranglehold on the songwriting of early Oasis. He wrote Live Forever before Oasis formed while on a construction job site. Back when he decided between being a criminal or a musician. The people of the world are glad he dedicated himself to music. 3 

Stay tuned for much more on Oasis. Including my take on more of the songs from their groundbreaking album Definitely Maybe. You will have an MP3 album that has these three songs after each other with knowledge the album is only beginning. Find out how good it gets in the next post.

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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Oasis Part 1 coming soon

Part 1 of Oasis article is coming soon this week. I will seek to do two posts a week. But I will still work on relatively big pieces. Delivering them in smaller pieces. So expect an article / intro / beginning of early Definitely Maybe Oasis this week. I want to consistently deliver content for active readers.

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