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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Find Great music here: British Rock Oasis What's the story Morning Glory

       In 1995, British rock bands Oasis and Blur battled each other for domination. They competed for sales of their singles released: Oasis Roll With It lost out to Blur's Country House. While Country House may have more interesting musicianship. You can understand and enjoy Liam's vocals much better. Therefore, without effort you get the fun relationship vibe of Roll With It.

       I was going to say there really isn't anything immoral about the music on Oasis's 1995 album What's the Story Morning Glory. But then I remembered Morning Glory is partly based on coming out of a coke habit.- or embracing it.

All your dreams are made when you are chained to the mirror with the razor blade Today is the day all the world will see
But the lyrics immediately following those paint pleasant imagery.
Another sunny afternoon walking to the sound of my favorite tune Tomorrow doesn't know what it doesn't know too soon. 
       Overall the music doesn't have any swearing. Just pure rock n roll. Perfect for the people that want to have a beautiful spirit (ie. great mood) but want the high energy of rock n roll. The watery guitars in Morning Glory are produced with a wah-wah pedal. One of my favorite sounding instruments. Basically you put on Oasis What is the Story Morning Glory and you have a good time.

Oasis Album Back Cover Berwick Street in London, England
  • The street featured on the sleeve artwork is Berwick Street in London, (district) W1. (thanks, Bertrand - Paris, France)

I cannot verify this, but the name What's the story Morning Glory came partly from Noel's friend calling up and asking "what's the story" and "Morning Glory" either referring to the flower or morning wood. lol. Since I feel like a zilch for not finding that article. I dug up an interesting read about producer Owen Morris' experience with producing this album.
Oasis Producer Owen Morris

       Oasis What's The Story Morning Glory is great background music for studying for a test or for pleasure reading. However, I don't recommend this music to sleep to. Oasis' What's the story Morning Glory rocks too hard for that. If Hey Now doesn't wake you, Some Might Say certainly will.

       My favorite review on the album comes from Amazon. The editorial review apparently no longer exists. But the review sold me on getting the album because it described Oasis as being painfully self-conscious throughout the album. And referred to some songs as musical candy. I had been used to listening to music as serious as Nirvana. But wanted the tone of my music to be more upbeat and positive. Oasis seemed like the logical progression. Some sad sounding songs but the music and lyrics are always upbeat. Therefore, the review described the music as being pleasurable for me to listen to. And listening to the samples, especially songs like Hello and Champagne Supernova made me feel downright cool.

       Overall, Oasis' What The Story Morning Glory can give you a glorious morning if you listen to the CD on your way to work. I failed to focus on many songs and features of the album that make it great. So I will pick up where I left off next time.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


With destruction of my car. Having to go to work each day. And to spend life savings on new car, I may be just able to get one post a week if I am good. The head gasket was blown most likely when Sears serviced the car. They sabotaged the car when fixing the alternator so that the belt came off the car when I was going 80mph. I had no power steering and went around the exit with smoke coming out of the car. I almost threw out my arm steering around the rotary. I think this severely damaged the engine prematurely. Even if it took a while to be noticed. That was 6 months ago. But I want people to discover the positive attitude Oasis' What's the story Morning Glory can give you. 

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Oasis British Rock What's The Story (Morning Glory)

       What's The Story Morning Glory is many people's introduction to Oasis. The first Oasis record they usually own.  Here in the United States I was introduced to Wonderwall during a highschool business club (DECA) trip. I heard Champagne Supernova around the same time over the radio. But I discovered without a doubt every track on the album was better than these two excellent songs. I definitely fell more in love with the British way of releasing music; albums as opposed to individual songs. Buying one song is the musical attention deficit way of buying music. Recently artists such as Nick Mason of Pink Floyd said U2 Devalued Music further by giving away their newest album on Itunes. I don't know what commission Amazon gives to the musician. I think it is more than Spotify. When Taylor Swift refused to put her new album 1989 out on Spotify the news showed the Spotify executive. He said quite simply that now is a streaming culture. To me this was arrogant because the 0.007 % spotify gives to musicians isn't good enough. Great music starts and stops with the creativity of the artist, not music executives or entrepreneurs (Spotify). I think Itunes is slightly better because Steve Jobs created it in a way to stop the theft of music. Still the artists may be skimped. But I recommend you support Oasis in their newest release of the What's The Story (Morning Glory) Deluxe set. This is on my facebook newsfeed over the last months. I have seen rare versions of songs, like a Noel Gallagher sung She's Electric. The album as a whole is very conscientious and is musical candy. I want to take you on the journey of this great rock album. So join me in my series. I will do two posts a week.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Oasis Part 5 British Rock Definitely Maybe

Digsy's Dinner, Slide Away, and Married with Children

Digsy's Dinner
A playful and fun song. Digsy's Dinner features Noel Gallagher poking fun at British band Blur by saying he can do the whole Brit pop thing in his sleep.1  Despite the effortless craftsmanship Digsy's Dinner has some poignant sounding parts;

These could be the best days of our lives but i don't think we've been living very wise. 

 The song is all about the singer's lasagne. Something you wouldn't know unless you read the lyrics of Digsy's Dinner
Musically: Seems like a relatively simple song for a great guitarist. An upbeat song.

Slide Away
I think lead singer Liam Gallagher once said during a concert that Slide Away is for the guys to get chicks. Noel wrote the song about his "soulmate" Louise Jones. He was devastated when they broke up in 1994 saying, "I don't think I'll ever get over it." For sure some of Liam Gallagher's best singing. This is Paul McCartney's favorite song by Oasis. Liam and Oasis, make this Noel Gallagher-penned song brash and flowing. 2

   Sources 2

Married With Children
is another fun song. The protagonist criticizes his wife and her musical tastes among many other things. But then says there is no need for her to say she is sorry. The song has a very sarcastic if not accurate portrayal of marriage.  I think Married With Children is a very humorous song, especially to people from the United Kingdom.  And I love the sort of grungy sound to the music.

Musician Bill Watt weighs in on Married with Children: "Reminds me a bit of Octupus' Garden by The Beatles. Kinda reminds me of simpler times like the show with Al Bundy. More specifically like the Andy Griffith show, happy times in the 1960s."
He goes on to describe how the chords are simple. The song does not drag on. 

Oasis blasted out of the gates with a loud and energizing sound throughout their debut album Definitely Maybe. This album challenged social norms in a major way. For this reason it was very punk rock. Put this album on whenever you want to get hyped. Or whenever you are feeling sick and want to feel okay. This is very straightforward rock n roll. Enjoy!

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