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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Smash Mouth Astrolounge

For anyone who's our age (born mid to late 1980s) the rock album Smash Mouth Astrolounge is a big part of our childhood whether we realize it or not. I still listen to this rock album when driving with friends. There's something retro about the rock group Smash Mouth.

My favorites are: Waste, Then the Morning Comes, and Can't Get Enough of You Baby.

This rock album is based upon a space theme. I get this great nostalgic feeling as though the 60s are actually kinda around; and that I'm living in them.

Greg Camp is a very talented rock songwriter.

Waste has great guitar

Then the morning comes is a classic song that could've been popular in the 70s.

Can't get enough of you baby was in a Pizza Hut commercial w a bunch of 20 somethings.

So I kinda associated that rock song with our age group.

We want to hear your comments about Astrolounge. Let the discussion begin.

By Bill Watt