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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Porcupine Tree Lips of Ashes by Musician Bill Watt

Lips of Ashes by Porcupine Tree

In college, my friend Bobby introduced me to an alternative rock band still relevant to this day. He is the ultimate fan of Porcupine Tree.

My favorite song of theirs is Lips of Ashes. This song sounds like Moody Blues meets Pink Floyd meets Genesis. Yet the Porcupine Tree song maintains its modern feel.

The introduction of the song stands out the most. The best way I can describe it is falling into an alternative universe covered in stain glass, with mountains larger than anything the human eyes are used to.

The guitars are prominent and seem to walk on water. The echoing tone of Pink Floyd definitely influences this as well. Great instrumentals with a "Second Home by the Sea" by Genesis type vibe that gives the song an unearthly tone. I feel it would be a great edition to a Narnia movie.

 Steven Wilson is not afraid to take a risk even if it means risking commercial success. It's a good thing we have musicians like him. Please support this blog by shopping on Amazon through the link below.

Lips Of Ashes

Friday, October 14, 2016

New Oasis songs from Be Here Now 3 CD Re-Issue October 14th, 2016

With the re-release of Oasis's infamous Be Here Now today, I will examine how I would have changed the album's Oasis songs.

However, let me be clear that I have truly grown to love the album as it is. I love the 30 plus guitars overdubbed on the Oasis song My Big Mouth. I love the epic sound and drug fueled music adventure throughout the album. In a Wave Magazine news article from December 16th, 2006 Noel Gallagher explains, ""The really interesting stuff from around that period is the B-sides. There's a lot more inspired music (oasis songs) on the B-sides than there is on Be Here Now itself, I think". So I am replacing some of the Be Here Now A-sides with B-sides on my fictional re-issued version. Here are the changes I would have made:

Opening oasis song: I would replace D' You Know What I Mean with the Oasis B-side song Stay Young. Even though the excess on this track is the essence of the cocaine supernova found on Be Here Now, Noel admits the song is about nothing. The song also drags on a bit too much and its anti-God lyrics make it not relaxing for me. Do You Know What I Mean is an Oasis song you listen to when you are ready to go to battle! Stay Young has universal purpose.

oasis song 2: For Much the same reasons as I mentioned concerning Do You Know What I Mean I would suggest the relaxing Oasis song Stand By Me B-side Going Nowhere as positive variation.

oasis song 3: I would keep  the oasis song Magic Pie. However I would trim the ending by about 30 seconds.

oasis song 4: Stand by Me is perfect is a perfect Oasis song as it is. I stands for the cocaine driven rock. Long slightly out of tune guitars backed by Liam singing his arse off.

oasis song 5: Again, I Hope I Think I Know is simply a perfect Oasis rock song. In fact, I am going to queue that up as I write.

oasis song 6: I would keep the oasis song The Girl In the Dirty Shirt. However, I might re-mix parts of the sound quality. Also the ending as it spans the last minute and a half could be reduced. I would have it so the phrase "She knows exactly what she's worth to me" is repeated maybe 5 or 6 times. And it just ends on one "Now I See". The music would be playing in full force to the very end. Not like the current track where the "Now I See" part is sung while the music slowly disassembles.

oasis song 7: Sorry Johnny Depp, but I would cut the oasis song Fade-In-Out and replace it with I Got the Fever. Another Stand By Me b-side.

oasis song 8: I would keep Don't Go Away. But again the ending drags on with the unplugged outro. I would cut the outro of this oasis song.

oasis song 9: Be Here Now reminds me of another oasis song, Some Might Say and has the potential of being a classic song. I would fix the outro. I would make it so the music heard in the beginning and middle of the song is also heard at the end. I would have a few repeated phrases and then an instrumental outro. This would be similar to the vein of Some Might Say and Morning Glory.

oasis song 10: I would cut some of the repetitious phrases from the famous Oasis song All Around The World. I would cut some of the singing during the soaring guitar solo. And I would double up the guitar solo from a mere 50 seconds or so to over 2 minutes. I would include the best parts of All Around the World Reprise to do this.

oasis song 11: There is a BBC documentary called "Right here right now" and that version of It's Getter Better Man is far superior to the album. The outro presented is an instrumental compared to the repetitious vocals of the album version's outro. And its way more amazing sounding. Even the versions found in the epic Be Here Now tour are far superior to the album's version.

oasis song 12: I would use the final b-side from Stand By Me, the oasis song My Sister Lover to close out the album.

There are other variations of Be Here Now b-sides I would replace songs with. Hell, I might even change what songs I would replace. Heroes and Fame stand out as great Be Here Now b-sides also.

The question is how would you fix Be Here Now?

Be sure to purchase the actual Be Here Now Re-Issue

Be Here Now [3 CD][Remastered Deluxe Edition] And weigh in how you like Oasis's Be Here Now 3 CD Re-Issue.
What are you favorite new Oasis songs from the newest 3 cds put out by Oasis.


Saturday, May 14, 2016

The Shining True Skies

        The Shining were an English rock band formed in 2000 that consisted of two ex-Verve members (bassist Simon Jones and Guitarist and keyboardist Simon Tong). This is an extra bit of rock magic you have never heard. Their album True Skies gives that adrenaline warm-blooded feeling. The feeling that only those lesser known musicians with something to prove can deliver. I will point out the highs and lows of this album.

Quicksilver- Steady bass and guitar line. The vocals are what make the song.

Young Again -A more complicated song with greater musical range. Different sounding chords during the verses.

Find A Reason- This song is neither dynamic nor a hard rocker. However it has gentle crescendos. A relaxing song. Interesting instrumentation at the very end.

Creast Of An Ocean- The music is high energy. The first song with a guitar solo. Although the pure guitar solo is short it continues through increasingly intense vocals. Then a whammy bar sounding outro. Great song!

Show You The Way- I love the bass in this song! Such a steady beat. And the vocals are well done in terms of accompanying the music. The best solo of the album so far. Very extensive and the exciting unique guitar not heard as often anymore.

I Wonder How- The vocals are very affecting and have wide range. The lyrics are unspecific and kind of weak. But the music sounds unique and the singing is great to listen to.

 I Am The One- This is a slower and beautiful song. The lyrics are stronger than other songs. The singing conveys much emotion yet is restrained. The beginning music alludes to The Beatles Strawberry Fields Forever.

Danger- Another slow song. The lyrics and vocals are strengthened by the obvious sincerity in Duncan's voice. This band is authentic. They bring something more than meets the surface. Sounds like a steel guitar is in the mix. I imagine going to see these guys perform would be fun. Although they broke up in 2003.

Find Your Way Home- This song has a slightly different feel and more textured sound. No disrespect to the band intended but this is fantastic background music. Towards the end is a guitar sound that hasn't been heard yet on the record. A sound that has vibrations to it. The high pitch notes resonate into the music's atmosphere.

What You See- Another song to start with acoustic guitar. This is creatively done. But the lyrics and vocals don't initially excite one. However the value of the song as a whole builds if you listen all the way through. This is because the "Through my eyes" part adds greater meaning.

Until The End- You now know this song is a 10 minute epic. Listening to it as a whole should be greater than the sum of sampling it. This consistently captivating song has a slow build with interesting percussion. However the lyrics are vague with only some crescendos. This spells relaxing. Suddenly around 7 minutes the volume of the music is being raised when you aren't pressing or turning it up. Oh my what an easy listen this album is. You can sit through is in one pleasant sitting as I have done tonight. The music is not really that intense with no controversy. Parents this is rock music to enjoy with your kids! This will rock their socks off!

Quicksilver Outro- Glad they kept this in. They were obviously coming up with some good music during the Quicksilver sessions. This is a variation of the music. And an interesting piece of music to stand on its own. However if you listened to music as artists never intended you might be disappointed in downloading this one track.

    As a whole, I believe The Shining have a truly unique sound. And if you have good relatively free spirited individuals in your family then they will all enjoy this music. The lyrics are uncontroversial. The music is interesting. It rocks sometimes but mostly has a pleasant enjoyable beat.

Check out this album for yourself.
True Skies

Sunday, January 3, 2016


This comic features me as a Sandman. Very extensive. More extensive than my blog. Very entertaining.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Genesis - Turn It On Again - The Hits

Phil Collins often gets a bad rap, partially due to what some perceive as cheesiness as well as musical simplicity. Love him or hate him, his "cheesy and simple" music hit a chord with millions of people. I find that some of the greatest comedians to ever live didn't necessarily have the best jokes, but because they had one-of-a-kind delivery the jokes took on a life of their own. The same applies to music in my opinion. In this entry we will be discussing Genesis' "Turn It On Again: The Hits", where you will find their most commercially successful songs. For the most part, these songs were written by the trio of Phil Collins, Tony Banks, and Mike Rutherford (Mike and the Mechanics).

"Turn It On Again" is the perfect introduction to a great album. Listening to the keyboard introduction is like opening a storybook. The song is about a man who becomes so obsessed with television that he begins to believe the characters are his friends. I guess in a way it's a perfect way to describe the album. You almost create a story in your mind when listening.

"Invisible Touch" is disguised in this upbeat melody, but it is about a manipulative woman who you fall for every time and she just emotionally wears you out. You really hear Tony Banks' genius keyboard ability here, especially in the solo later on.

"Mama" has a haunting melody and really displays Phil's ability to put on a theatrical performance of the ages. It is about a young man's longing for a certain prostitute however it is open to the listener's interpretation. Collins' laugh is based off of Grandmaster Flash's "The Message".

"Land of Confusion" is not one of my favorites as I respect Ronald Reagan too much to appreciate the message.

"I Can't Dance" was one of their later hits and not a favorite of mine. You could tell they were reaching the end.

"Follow You Follow Me" really signifies the forming of the famous trio of Collins, Banks, and Rutherford. Introduced on their "...And Then There Were Three" album, it is an adventurous tune. Whenever I hear this I feel like I'm watching a classic movie like Hook or reading a Roald Dahl book. The keyboard solo is one of the greatest I have ever heard.

"Hold On My Heart" is a romantic song, sort of taking on the tone of "Follow You Follow Me" only with the ability to really pull on the heartstrings.

"Abacab" is in ways very similar to "Turn It On Again" as far as its upbeatness goes. It is titled this as an ode to the A-B-A-C-A-B musical structure.

"I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)" is one of their earliest tunes and included Peter Gabriel and Steve Hackett. It seems to have a story format to it with who I believe to be Peter Gabriel telling a story. It is not a favorite.

"No Son of Mine" is about a disapproving father and is a rather sad song. It is a bit too dark for my liking but has a good message.

"Tonight Tonight Tonight" has a tribal beat and is a great song to listen to when pumping oneself up, due to it having a bit of an angry tone.

"In Too Deep" is a break-up song discussing all the reasons as to why the relationship is dissolving. One of their greatest songs, it is proof that a simple song can be powerful.

"Congo" was released in 1997 after Phil Collins had left the band. On vocals was Ray Wilson. It still manages to generate that Genesis feel, another one that almost seems to take on a storybook-like feeling. Wilson makes it his own.

"Jesus He Knows Me" is about the deceitfulness of televangelists who use God as a way to make money. Whether one agrees with its overall message or not, it is a great song with a nice beat.

"That's All" is their greatest song in my opinion. Taking on a Seals and Crofts meets Chicago feel, the piano is what I consider to be all-time classic.

"Misunderstanding" is a great tune about a guy who is stood up by a girl. In an interview with Redbeard on In The Studio, Phil credits "Sail on Sailor" by the Beach Boys and
"Hold the Line" by Toto as this song's influence.

"Throwing It All Away" is another one of those songs that you think of when someone mentions Genesis. Having that storybook feel to it, I feel like I'm in prehistoric times with dinosaurs roaming around.

"The Carpet Crawlers 1999" is a re-recording of their 1974 track with its original performers. Definitely a Gabriel piece as it sounds like something off of his So album. Great song with a real creepy yet storybook feel. You feel like you're in a fantasy world.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Rock Music Videos: SongWriter X and the Skeleton Band part 3 (Formerly Calavera Skeleton Band).

May I introduce to you the one and only Songwriter X and the Skeleton Band. Our third installment begins:

Wondrous Night

What's on the top of tree? I assume Wondrous night is about Christmas. The peace is Christmas is in fact when you feel all is well with the world. You have done people right and can finally relax! But that pesky clown is stealing the top ornament. 

To search for him we head back to the Arroyo Grande tunnel. Let's just enter that orange and Blue vortex already! Once we enter we will find the costumes they are all wearing. Back to the house. Is the ornament there? 

Time to learn about the Art of War again. I am going to read that at my family's Christmas this year and note the reaction. 

Indeed, who cares if the world does come crashing down on you. On such a beautiful night as Christmas, you can listen to a terrific Christmas song. A song with beautiful vocal and instrumental melodies. 

On My Sleeve

A Byrdsy opening guitar riff. The vocals compliment the music perfectly. I like the variation in both the music and vocal verses. The Songwriter X and Skeleton Band members wear their hearts on their sleeve. 

A fun song. Because 1:48 is a magnificent sound. How is the guitar tuned? 

The band plays as a cohesive unit. They each play their parts. Susi and Songwriter X dance in sync to the song. The song ends with transcendent guitar playing. Introduce yourself in the comments Guitar Aficionado. 

And I want to hear from YOU. Let me know what you think of this great rock band.

Rock Hasta La Muerte

This is obviously the Spanish version of Rock Til you die with a few changes.
For one the Spanish Pirate ship is different.

Oh no! Here comes those pesky kids that are unaware of the danger they face in a dark castle. If they were ever challenged to a guitar hero competition these musical skeletons would destroy them. At last, they have realized how to fit in. They must wear Skeleton costumes. The two clones are inviting you back to the castle.

In conclusion, don't pay $500 for Rosetta Stone Spanish. Just study this video to enjoy your trip to Barcelona, Spain.

Gonna Be Myself
I love the watery guitar riff. This is a sound I crave. The beauty of sound I cannot describe. The playing of I cannot comprehend.

True to the lyrics, Songwriter X and the Skeleton Band certainly live their own way. They are bold and do their own thing. Firstly, they travel in a Green hearse Cadillac with the license plate abbreviating Mortician.

Secondly, Songwriter X and Susi are trying to ride a horse fossil that has 0 horsepower inside Socrates cave. But they can't care. They refuse to care. They are enjoying life.

And the wall graffiti rings true,
there is always hope
if you can adapt the be yourself concept. As psychologists say,  "as long as you are not hurting anyone else it is an acceptable way to be." Rather, this rock song is the avoidance of being hurt or judged.

Yet with Transcendent guitar solos towards the end of this song, Songwriter X and the Skeleton Band deserve your praise, likes, shares, diggs, and plus ones.

Those nincompoop kids are back fighting on top of the columns. As a British YouTuber would say
I can't be bothered to help them. 
Support the band Songwriter X and the Skeleton Band first by:
Checking out the other two reviews:, and

But the gravest importance to their continuity comes from you visiting one or all of the following pages:



 Google Plus



Thursday, October 15, 2015

Smash Mouth Astrolounge

For anyone who's our age (born mid to late 1980s) the rock album Smash Mouth Astrolounge is a big part of our childhood whether we realize it or not. I still listen to this rock album when driving with friends. There's something retro about the rock group Smash Mouth.

My favorites are: Waste, Then the Morning Comes, and Can't Get Enough of You Baby.

This rock album is based upon a space theme. I get this great nostalgic feeling as though the 60s are actually kinda around; and that I'm living in them.

Greg Camp is a very talented rock songwriter.

Waste has great guitar

Then the morning comes is a classic song that could've been popular in the 70s.

Can't get enough of you baby was in a Pizza Hut commercial w a bunch of 20 somethings.

So I kinda associated that rock song with our age group.

We want to hear your comments about Astrolounge. Let the discussion begin.

By Bill Watt