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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Porcupine Tree Lips of Ashes by Musician Bill Watt

Lips of Ashes by Porcupine Tree

In college, my friend Bobby introduced me to an alternative rock band still relevant to this day. He is the ultimate fan of Porcupine Tree.

My favorite song of theirs is Lips of Ashes. This song sounds like Moody Blues meets Pink Floyd meets Genesis. Yet the Porcupine Tree song maintains its modern feel.

The introduction of the song stands out the most. The best way I can describe it is falling into an alternative universe covered in stain glass, with mountains larger than anything the human eyes are used to.

The guitars are prominent and seem to walk on water. The echoing tone of Pink Floyd definitely influences this as well. Great instrumentals with a "Second Home by the Sea" by Genesis type vibe that gives the song an unearthly tone. I feel it would be a great edition to a Narnia movie.

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Lips Of Ashes