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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

SongWriter X and the Skeleton Band 1 (Formerly Calavera Skeleton Band)

Folks I introduce to the stage tonight a terrific indie rock band you should hear before everyone else. The Skeleton Band
I plan tonight to feature my analysis of 3 of their songs. I chose randomly from their youtube repertoire hoping for a good cross section. 

Only For Love

Only 4 love has a Spanish sound. The drummer has a Spanish pirate hat like a conquistador. 
Impressively, the singer's diction is good in all their songs. So if you listen a few times, not only can you understand all the lyrics, but you can piece together the story /theme of the calvera skeleton band's  focused lyrics.

 I love the child hippies around 2:17 haha It's woodstock baby! Great guitars throughout. These Indie rock artists will be good at your live bar / restaurant. And in the video is a solid authentic performance. Special effects exist but you feel it was one take like they are doing a live one act play for you. The skeleton costumes ease both tension of performing and the viewer watching. As most indie rock bands would hope for it becomes only about the music. Which is interesting with a rocking beat. Only 4 Love is upbeat and great for a cultural festival. 

Would love the band to comment on why this artist was chosen for this video and the main concept behind the sound of Only for Love. While the grim reaper creeps around he doesn't attack the hippies. The pink-haired person has a clear devotion to Bob Marley. Elvis dude rocks out. And don't ignore the preschool teacher on the far right at 2:30 rock dancing to the song. 

Rock til' You Die
Rock til you die has a steady bass guitar riff that would make this a concert staple and radio hit. The main few scenes remind me of a more intensely twisted version of the Haunted Mansion from Disney's Magic Kingdom. 

Rock till you die is a simple message that will make any manic-depressive listening to this Indie Rock song enter into their happy stage or mania. I hope they don't spend too much cash on unnecessary things or drive to fast listening to this song.  

The gray skeleton face person gives the impression rightly or wrongly that he or she is younger than the others. But the great enigma of the Skeleton Band is you don't know or care about anything except the music and the atmosphere. Which is what an indie rock band should want. 

The wise old man at beginning has the perfectly suited voice for this pseudo scary theme. You enjoy their fright but you never feel threatened. It is all very good fun. When 
Rock til you die
is sung in barritone or low voice it is a moment of having the exact right note. And throughout the vocal tempo matches the music tempo quite well. Making Rock Til You Die enjoyable listening.

My question is who injured the older man's right foot. I think it was the keyboardist who probably tipped the keyboard onto his foot. haha. I like the kids involved playing the long instrument on the ground. what instrument is that? And lastly, I like the hand motions from the front left guitarist. He or she has a great stage involvement. The Calvera Skeleton band is a great live performance.  

Fell in a well
Though I just started listening to this great indie rock band, Fell in A Well is already my favorite. The great guitar based opening takes you exploring areas in your mind.  

The song is a simple concept to grasp. And if you listen a few times you definitely pick up all the words and laugh at this poor soul stuck in a well. This style of music and singing would work well if this indie rock band parodied the song of some pop rock artist. 

So many examples of great humor throughout Fell In A Well music video. They throw down a rope in a noose and take his head off. haha. Searing guitars over the main beat. 

Get those kids off the top of the well! I hear the girl from the ring climbing up the well. The only unfamiliar lyrics from the chorus probably relate to the cave that is featured in the background. What cave is this? 

Props to the drummer dude for saving papa calvera. Initially he can't get his drums together before the guitar solo opening ends. Screw it! I will throw the rope down the well instead. He better hurry as the grim reaper is too close to the stuck man for his comfort. Finally, he seems to  be  out of the well but his body and legs are mysteriously floating near the top of the well. 

Looking to the giant castle-like wall and the orange sky on the far left. You have to set this place in Palestine, Iraq, Madrid, or your local police station. This band and song is better than my above attempt at humor. Enjoy the Skeleton band's humor and music from their song Fell in A Well. 

Let's continue to listen and discover songs from this great Indie Rock band. Their best is yet to come!
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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Creed Human Clay

               Scott Stapp was inspired by the Holy Spirit when he wrote Creed's Human Clay. Clay is what our bodies are but the soul lasts forever it is where God's Spirit dwells Inside Us All. This music and lyrics can walk you through good and bad times.

Creed Human Clay lyrics include the rarely heard Young Grow Old.
The tracks in their order:
Are You Ready
The first rock album I ever heard. I was disappointed I didn't have my Now 3 CD for the long trip from Marshfield MA to Fredericksburg, Virginia to put my oldest sister in college. I complained and she gave me Creed's Human Clay to listen to. I certainly didn't grasp the whole meaning of the album right away. At around 10 years of age I simply liked the rock beats and could day dream about having glory amongst my classmates. I remember the day dreams being strongest towards the end with the countdown and Life has just begun.

Are You Ready is a powerful opening song for an album. It has sort of a Native American guitar beat. Which Scott Stapp has Native American roots. Also at first listen one thinks he is talking about someone else when he says, "Hey Mr. Seeker", and "Hey Mr. Hero." But he is talking about you.

What If
Here is a music video I never knew existed.
My perception of this song was always hazy, jaded, and apathetic imagery. The song being about fighting against unjust people or against your own bad habits. The lyrics sort of have a old testament biblical analysis of our words. But here is a music video that brings fresh insight and production into some of the strangest imagery I have ever seen. I will try to make sense out of this bizarre video if at all possible. Give me a minute to get over my WTF moments.

Analysis: Made for Scream Movie. Creed was asked to produce music for Scream. Hence the Scream theme.
Creed Beautiful
Falling for the love of a woman. Around 2:40 is a beautiful solo. Marriage seem to Strip Scott Stapp of joyful emotion among other things.

Say I 
Creed Say I

For me, at least, It's enjoyable to clearly hear the frantic, fraction, focus part. As the CD i had always skipped there and it sounded like he was cursing. If you like foul things you may enjoy the audience members in their woodstock show.

Say I certainly seems to be in the same contention as My Own Prison in terms of taking blame. Say it was you, admit your sins and failures if you hope to be competitive in life. In whatever form of life you choose to follow. Then march forward. I love the part at the end of the song after the "Frantic, fraction, focus" part. Say I is sung and then goes back into heavy music as the song pushes well past the 5 minute mark.

Great guitar playing by Tremonti. Shows he is not a showoff. That he can play a subtle haunting guitar line throughout the song. It's cool to hear and you are glad a guitarist can take you to this place of sound.

The 1999 Woodstock version of Say I was classic. This could easily be Creed's most important track lyrically, spiritually. Scott briefs the woodstock audience on being open to God's spirit inside them. Although he suggests it indirectly. Conviction in the literal sense.
Not surprising though the forces of hell seem to rise up against something that might get something done for God's Kingdom. It seems as if everyone is led by demons to get extra horny. As nudity hits an all time high for this song of the concert. Could also be editing but I like my theory above. Not sure you could be friends with woodstockers you try to make a message in your song and they don't respond and are liable to knock over the kegs of beer! Haha the men passed out next to dozens of black bags of trash. Only at woodstock.

Woodstock '99
Wrong Way
Questioning what makes us bad / unsuccessful. The music is everything for this song. Mortality is a theme. Could we be on the wrong way?
At 2:26 I love the jiving guitars and the vocal bridge. Scott hopes he left  a legacy / answers for others.

Faceless Man
Nature reminds us of all that's real. Silence in the woods will become a spiritual experience for you. Who is the faceless man? You can figure out the answers or save time to do what is right. If you believe in a Higher Power this saves you time. If you are pushed down a path and find success but question you identity, and what you want from life; Be grateful if you now have the independence and opportunity to pursue it.

So easy to think of someone you love and daydream to this song especially around 4:40.
Never Die
Fountain of Youth / Heaven
Hazy dreary guitar line.
What is the meaning of playing out tin the rain?
What is the water he speak of ? Jesus? Certainly youth can last longer if you keep the spirit of a child inside of you. If you like Hard Rock this album is for you, long songs.

With Arms Wide Open
Starts slow and beautiful. Welcoming his son into the world. All the joys and fears of this. The bond between your partner and you after birth is also described.
At 2:40 the solo and vocal bridge dramatize the idea that his son can be open minded in life.
Creed With Arms Wide Open

Who is Scott talking to? Who is he asking to take him Higher? Escaping the mundane routine of seeing the same people and each doing going to school, work, etc.
Go to a place where there is no disease / addiction. Replacing hate with love.
3:05 solo raises you above it all. 3:21 Scott affirms highness. Dreams have become reality.

Wash Away Those Years
According to a comment on this song was about a friend of Scott Stapp's who was raped. And also themes of domestic violence are addressed.
A woman who was raped or simply in a bad relationship can close her eyes / meditate. And imagine everything is all right. Tears are a sign of strength. They show a person isn't backing down from the situation by escaping into any type of escapism (denial, distraction, defeat). Instead the person faces them head on with staying power. They cry through the anger/ revenge for tragedy. They go on to make things right in his or her life.
4:23 the vocal bridge speaks of metaphors:

We have crossed many oceans and we lay there in between
           In life there are many quotients and I hope we find the mean

My guess is we make many decisions, plans, commitments and we wrestle with them. And of all the factors and variables we pinpoint the solution. Sailing through the ocean and solving a division problems are metaphors you will only find on a Creed Rock album.

Human Clay
Inside Us All
The peace of God surpasses all understanding. You can lose your soul despite fame.
Waiting by the phone to remind me I'm still here
What does that mean?
At 3:01 we are introduced to an amazing guitar line. The song becomes about the guitar. We know Scott's point about accepting God's peace.

Woodstock '99
Despite his awkward presence you can tell the intensity and confidence in Scott Stapp's performance. They make each song loud and heavy.  Certainly the heaviest version of In America I have heard. The story elements help to follow along to the song. Only astute the lyrics aren't simply good guys trying to sound godless. But the lyrics are a reflection of Scott's soul searching at the time. You can get a sense of the joy he was getting in being close to the answers. When he sings,

Please mr. prophet man I gave my last dollar can I still come to your show
Scott Stapp is not woodstock's man. He even talks about sin in his song. But he has a microphone talks about what is right and Creed rocks. This shows Woodstocks shallowness and openness to anyone who can rock. Might as well go the right path and not fuck up your life searching for social acceptance.  Refer to Say I.
Just an Illusion is normally a somewhat lack luster song. But this is tailor made for Woodstock. And they like perhaps more than Say I. Mark Tremonti is happy to shred and plays a solo into more than I recall it being on the record. That's concert going improvisation for you. When Scott tells his message at the beginning of Say I the band has to keep circling the same notes as a backdrop for his talking. If he can't back that up with an amazing performance you could see how this sort of thing unravels many bands. The tension between singer and group.
Faceless Man is normally a great emotional song. But doesn't seem to fit here. All the slow play and soft singing. The vocal bridge with the guitar bridge was strong. I couldn't sit through in one sitting. Now whether the song was too slow or the topless females had me searching for other videos we will never know!

They go on to kick ass with My Own Prison, One, Unforgiven which really electrified the place. Then a surprise came with Robert Krieger of the doors. Some amazing guitar solos as the sun set. And Scott Stapp took over as Jim Morrison singing Riders in the storm. And ??    They end the show with What's This Life For Robert Krieger playing as an extra guitarist. Great to see the behind the scenes clip with all 4 Creed Members and Robert Krieger in the center being photographed. Scott Stapp and Mark Tremonti appeared to get a long. The fact is Creed delivered at Woodstock 1999.
Scott Stapp
Scott Stapp Holy Spirit writing
       The one stable part in Scott's life centered around himself allowing God to direct his lyrics. He was true to God and himself there. He made a deal with God if he did this that Creed would be successful. But Scott had begun taking pills and abusing alcohol. This tore him away from his band mates. And certainly personality clashes. Another band where the lead guitarist and lead singer didn't want to be controlled by the other. Or not have their artistic vision.

       Scott talks about responsibility and accepting God's peace in his lyrics. But he didn't do the first part in real life. He abused God's grace by telling himself God would forgive him and gradually pushing the line. It got to the point (it is described in more detail in the links below) where he took twice the legal limit of Adderall. He thought they were harmless because they weren't street drugs. This powerful drug made him psychotic. He drove around the US  for a month following the angel on the hood of his car. He carried a shotgun with him. He gave away weaponry, sports memorabilia, and art to random places. Like a church in Mississippi. He believed he was part of Isis and was a real life Jason Bourne sent to Kill President Obama. He believed all his money was stolen. He went days with eating. And posted a video from a Holiday Inn. But he experienced God's grace when he jumped / fell off a building. Rapper T.I. saved his life. He awoke in the hospital to the loving presence of his wife and mother-in-law washing his feet. Time will tell if he stays on the straight and narrow. But. ..

     He was inspired by God when he wrote the lyrics to Human Clay. The music Tremonti writes is also inspiring. And these music and lyrics can help you through good times and hard times. This record will Never Die.

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