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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Oasis Cast No Shadow

  Noel Gallagher wrote Cast No Shadow on a train ride back to the studio while recording the 90s music album What's the Story Morning Glory. This was the last song written for the 90s album. Noel Gallagher wrote Oasis Cast No Shadow as a dedication to the genius of Richard Ashcroft. But he is saying Ashcroft has no soul. This is because the song states

As he faces the sun he cast no shadow
In searching the symbolism or meaning of shadow we find it is the essence of a person. Their duality, whether their doppleganger or their alter ego. Their unconscious. To not have a shadow is to be more in never never land than Peter Pan, who desperately fought for his shadow. The Shadow is important.

One great interpretation of the song Cast No Shadow from one of many great Oasis albums is by Tayrn Manning from the Wall Street Journal. Her Interpretation of Cast No Shadow is about an artist's struggle with being heard. Feeling misunderstood and questioning if their music is being felt. Decent interpretation. Below is my fan made video of Oasis Cast No Shadow from their album What's The Story Morning Glory.

Because there is little information on the great track Oasis Cast No Shadow I will convey my opinion on the track. And what I think it means.

     In general, the lyrics present someone being chained down unable to move. And someone that doesn't have his alter ego or doppleganger. Someone who goes through life quite simply. And Richard Ashcroft I think has a very strong shadow. So I think his tribute A Northern Soul is more complimentary towards Noel than Cast No Shadow is to him. To say someone has no shadow is to say the have no soul. But musically Cast No Shadow is absolutely beautiful. Chorus, harmonies and acoustic melodies.

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Friday, April 10, 2015

Oasis Some Might Say

Band Oasis Song Some Might Say Single Artwork of a man in a wheelbarrow in front of a bridge and house
Oasis Some Might Say single artwork

Official Oasis Some Might Say music video

Liam Gallagher didn't show up for the video shoot. And so the video is simply footage of other Oasis  videos. And what a shame for a career defining song that there is no real video. At least, I really don't like this video. For one, the album version contains the awesome intros and outros and middle guitar solo this video doesn't  have. That's unjust. Secondly, you almost get a seizure watching the flashing images in the video. Thirdly, it doesn't line up with my own image of the song which I see as enjoying a summer's day. That was the case when I first received the album for my birthday in 2006. And I listened particularly to Some Might Say on the way to my cousin Kristen's graduation that was celebrated outside on a hot sunny day.
Some Might Say we will find a brighter day

Some interesting tid bits about Some Might Say are that it is quintessential Oasis. And they were on fire during the recording because Some Might Say is an extended play (EP) which means the single contains more music than a single but less than an album. Some Might Say included for b-sides: Acquiesce, Talk Tonight, and Headshrinker. Which all made it to the greatest B-sides album - The Masterplan.

Noel is known for being critical of Oasis' works. If you need proof watch Noel Gallagher Oasis Commentary, but he said that Some Might Say and Acquiesce defined Oasis. Beautiful rock and roll with simple lyrics. The album artwork above is done well. Many of the lyrics in the chorus are showcased in the photo. Not an easy song at all to play on guitar. Some Oasis songs require two guitarists. Have a look at playing an oasis song.

Finally, if you read down to here and are what they call "prudential" than I have for you a better alternative to the Oasis Music video. Yeah I won't leave you hanging. Enjoy this free music from 90s rock and roll. The album version!

If you decide you like it and want a more permanent version. I highly recommend either getting the album What's the Story Morning Glory. Or Download the mp3 of this song for $.0.89 and have it risk free forever by clicking the blue link. Some Might Say

I firmly believe Oasis were on their peak during the Be Here Now tour. And I love their Gmex 1997 (Back where we Belong) performance of Some Might Say.

Some Might Say marked the goodbye of drummer Tony McCaroll. Alan White was ushered in .

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Poking fun of 80s music videos: Tears for Fears, featuring Everyone Wants to Rule the World and Head over Heels

 I was watching American Idol 80s night on March 25th, 2015. This instilled in me a desire for free 1980s music and 80s rock music videos. And I heard and loved Tears for Fears Everyone wants to Rule the world.  I loved the simple yet powerful 80s beat.

But I discovered that the guy with the mullet makes weird faces at the end of Everyone Wants to Rule the world. This turned into an obsession for my co-worker Justin and I. We discovered so much tears for fears stuff to poke fun of. We found even more to enjoy while watching Tears for Fears Head over heels 80s music video. Have fun with us, let go of any hate and become light-hearted.

Let's start with 1 of two music videos free

Tears for Fears Everyone wants to Rule the World lyrics

 This Video has no concept. And Leaves more questions than answers: Where are they driving to? Why does the little mexican boy have two guns? Is that Neil Peart on drums? What is the plane for? But I know why a guy with pant legs tucked into socks and a mullet ponytail goes into a phone booth; it was the 80s.

More questions:
The Black Gas attendants dancing, what are they for?

Dancing Black Men standing in front of gas pumps in the band Tears For Fears Everybody Wants To Rule The World music video
Black gas attendants move to the left. From tears for fears Everybody wants to rule the world

Black men dancing badly in front of gas pumps in the band Tears For Fears song Everybody wants to rule the world music video
Black gas attendants move to the right- tears for fears

Bill Watt's first thought is that it was Steve and Stefan stepping out of the machine. He is referring to the hit 90s sitcom Family Matters in which a nerdy Steven Q. Urkel goes into his self-invented transformation chamber in a desire to become more cool and win the heart of a Laura Winslow. Stefan is his cooler self. Justin just laughs. 

Even more questions:

When did the normal looking singer (Curt Smith) realize he could sing in the rhythmic retarded way he does?

The more musically inclined Seinfeld looking singer (Roland Orzabel) thinks he is Van Halen right at the song's crescendo.

Roland Orzabel, the guy that looks like early 1990s Brian Regan from the side raises his eyebrows towards the gas attendants as to ask them both out on a date.

Brian Regan with early 90s mullet. Same haircut as Roland Orzabel from Tears for Fears
Brian Regan, something's wrong with the Regan boy -early 1990s
I do understand the rest of the video during the solo. It's simply all things cool, according to the 80s. Young men resting on cars eating Ice cream. And off road riding. However, I will never understand Roland Orzabel's retarded faces at the end of the video.

About this video Bill Watt says, "we were born in the decade of weirdos but some really unique music."

Tears for Fears band members Roland Orzabel and other dude making weird faces in 1985 Everybody Wants to Rule the world music video
Tears for fears weird 1985 face

Tears for Fears band members Roland Orzabel and other dude making weird faces in 1985 Everybody Wants to Rule the world music video
Tears For Fears Everybody Wants to rule the world weird face

Tears for Fears band members Roland Orzabel and other dude making weird faces in 1985 Everybody Wants to Rule the world music video
Tears for fears weird faces
This endless rounds of poking fun of Mullet guy's faces climaxed when my co-worker Justin and tried watching the Head over Heels video. I don't think we ever got through it with a straight face. You try!

The second of music videos for free
tears for fears Head over Heels lyrics

The lyrics are good and catchy. But . . .

The oddities to notice are: the Red Sox monkey. The Amish dude wailing away at the drums. Like - you guessed it - Neil Peart. The weird worried looks of Roland Orzabel as he sings to the librarian.

Still, the way he finished each line with a high note and the interesting lyrics captivate me to watch again . . . again . . . and again.

The awkwardness of the librarian. The weird faces and posture when he sings Head over Heels chorus. And the way he sings "heels" is all laughable. Try pausing the video.

And then out comes the keyboard. WTF? He says "yeah" after he sings to the librarian. Homeboy Roland has competition! Roland's monkey can't even watch the stoned keyboarder.

The Amish dude checks out Jackie Robinson. Seinfeld is seen stalking the librarian from behind the book shelf. He bops his head out of the space like King Friday of the neighborhood of make believe.
Then he rides an elevator. Yet another WTF moment.

The gas mask dude has apparently never known the pleasure of reading in a chair. But maybe he is protecting the librarian mistress from being shot with a GUN. Don't know if the sign says bang because their production budget was $85 or its a sexual innuendo. But he is rejected by her. In much the same way filming a second take of this video was rejected. It was probably an innuendo because like most women who reject rape she squeezes his nose.

And I agree with Bill Watt that the end of Head over Heels is insanely awkward.

This guy made weird faces in his music videos from 1985

Roland Orzabel of Tears for Fears makes a face of passion while singing Head over Heels
Tears for Fears Head over Heels passionate face

Roland Orzabel of Tears for Fears looks like Jerry Seinfeld screaming
Seinfeld screaming

Roland Orzabel of Tears for Fears is singing to the librarian in the 1985 head over heels music video
Roland Orzabel singing to his woman from Head over Heels

Screen caps from Tears For Fears Head over Heels music video
Tears for Fears head over Heels

The unbearable to watch ending does have an important message. Justin theorizes that the singing of "your my four leaf clover" and the librarian coming to Roland Seinfeld's desk signifies her wanting him. The stalker has turned the tables. He has opened the doors to romance. Let's punish Aaron Hernandez and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev to watch this video on loop. 
Roland Orzabel of Tears for Fears wins the affection of the librarian in the Head Over Heels music video
Tears for Fears he wins over the women

Overall, I respect Tears for Fears band. And they definitely were part of top music from the 80s, or certainly free music from the 1980s. And they can still be heard today at Tears for fears concerts. But when I brought up this project to Bill Watt he said, 
Lol. Their videos are nonsensical. That one guy (Roland Orzabel) I thought was retarded as a kid.
My friend Justin's experience of the music may be heading him down the road towards alienation from his family. He stated,
I sang Tears for Fears songs for so long my wife couldn't take it and left for work early. My kids think the tears for fears videos are stupid lol. They all laughed, even the baby at the black gas attendants.
Still these guys rightfully earned a living from their music, which included Everybody Wants to rule the world and Head over Heels. No 80s music internet radio, 80s radio, or 80s music radio station is complete without them. Both Head over Heels and Everyone wants to Rule the world are from Tears For fears Songs From The Big Chair . Their album from 1985 (Nineteen eighty-Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive.)