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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Live Throwing Copper

  • Live Throwing Copper

    I Alone - The beat of the song has that quintessential 90s guitar rhythm - Emotions change drastically from the intro to the chorus, intro kinda makes you value everything that's happened in your past, the chorus to me conveys the emotions of someone who is madly in love to the point of insanity. - Live's songs seem to come from a higher place, the lyrics are just too good.
    All Over You -Great intro, soulful singing by Ed once again, there's this expression of desperation in his voice as if he is pleading -Once again drastic but great transition from intro to chorus, chorus a little similar to Blue Oyster Cult's "I'm Burnin' For You". -The guitar is great and not all overlapping and groggy
    Lightning Crashes -A song about the circle of life, many of Ed's songs have religious context -A perfect intro that instantly gets you thinking, what's going to happen next -Three guitar chords have rarely been as effective in my opinion -You can feel the intro building up to something big, the song gives me chills especially in the chorus where you feel this sense of power coming from within you
    Selling The Drama -Song starts off pleasant, takes you back to simpler times as a kid playing in a field however the chorus, like so many Live songs, is much more intense than the rest of the song -Ed's yodeling is awesome and while the chorus is intense it is catchy
    Iris -Creepy intro, almost feels like walking down the city streets at night -This song seems to represent Live as a whole, deep lyrics, Ed's way of digging deeper than imagineable to convey emotions through his singing -Great drumming in this song and I love the bass - gives it this funk.
    Horse -A very underrated song, sometimes you are just seeking the simple things in life, imagining life in the country, very twangy and almost country -To me this is the perfect song for the end of the album, something different than what you've heard -The guitars in this song convey emotion in an amazing way
    Waitress -this song grows on you, you start to realize his message that we're all people with our own sets of issues and kindness goes a long way even if you don't realize it -the whistle solo in this is awesome

  • William M. Watt

    That's just a brief thing

    and didn't comment on all of them, just songs I liked lol
  • It's also one of those albums like Blind Melon where every song is great.
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