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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Alternative British Rock: Oasis What's The Story Morning Glory: Hey Now short story part two

       I am motivated to see my cousins. But the start of my trip has me wondering if I should play it safe and have another boring summer in small town Los Angeles. Around the lumber comes a huge 8 foot figure. A Giant black-hooded creature, I see no face. A cold blast of air comes toward me. I close my eyes and brace for death. I am frightened to the point of a heart attack. I look up and nothing is there. This really has me baffled. When I look down at a pentagram on the back of the box car I realize it was a demon. I kiss my cross with christ on it necklace and feel bravery once more. I am Brielle, God's bravest woman.  her cross necklace and feels bravery once again. 

       I travel through Arizona Territory, New Mexico Territory, Texas before finally getting to Louisanna. Though it is hot I have enthusiasm towards my trip. I am truly enjoying the scenery of the forest. The undense forest of the desert turns denser with tall spruce trees. When I see the South Pacific Railraod train take almost a right angle and stop I know I have arrived in New Orleans! I can finally see my cousins! 

       Finally, I arrive at  the station. The train is stopping for maintenance. I must avoid being seen. Oh shit I have been spotted. I hop a fence and runs into the woods. I had always written letters to my cousins. They had described their house and how close they were to the train tracks. I knock on the house with the purple 85 on it. At long last I can bond with my cousins.

        Suddenly, I look out the window and see Jesse James and his gang outside the house.  My cousins Sarah, Jessica, and Parker grimmace in fear. "shit muffins, our reunion was short lived," says Parker. Jesse James knocks down the doors. His gang ties up my cousins and I. They stab all of us. As we slowly die I look at my cousin Jessica's hands. They remind me of my mother's hands. The hands I long to hold. But once I left town I never did return. This is the darkest interpretation of 

I hitched a ride by the side of the road 
           Just as the sky turned black

           I took a walk with my fame, down memory lane

          I never did find my way back

Be sure to get a copy of Oasis What's the Story Morning Glory