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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

British Popular Rock Oasis The Swamp Song, a b-side of Wonderwall

For all of you guys and girls looking to listen to music at school. I have free music online for you. In our exploration of Oasis What's The Story Morning Glory we come to tracks 6 and 11. These are excerpts from the song, The Swamp Song. This is free online music below.
Oasis The Swamp Song live in Maine 1996
Ah, the free music streaming of youtube. Stream this music online with me. Not satisfied? Listen to more free music online by watching the following version of The Swamp Song.


                  Oasis Swamp Song and Acquiesce live. Both studio versions appear on The Masterplan

A sea of Oasis fans are here to see this stop alternative rock band. Oasis were always such a great live band. Still nothing is better than the studio version. Along with interesting notes about the Swamp Song The Masterplan features many great unheard b-sides I will discuss on a later date. The Oasis Masterplan booklet states that The Swamp Song was often a warm up exercise for the Morning Glory sessions. This helped both Alan White's drumming and Noel and Paul Weller's guitar playing during concerts live in the UK. It certainly helped the guitar get in tune!

In What's the story Morning Glory excerpts of the song appear on track 6 and 11. This helped the flow of the original audio tape. To me this exemplifies the attitude of experimentation, always practicing their  music. This I felt from the snippets on What's The Story Morning Glory. You are impressed with Oasis and wonder what they could accomplish with this potential song. But honestly, when I discovered it was a full song I was disappointed they didn't do more with the song. They could have at least had a version where they attempted singing lyrics. Or perhaps even added music for vocal bridges and altered the song. But you can hear this song on their B-side compilation The Masterplan. Such a relaxing album of Oasis rock music. Nothing bad in the lyrics yet rocks hard. If you choose to you are able to listen to this music with unexplainable peace of  Jesus Christ.

Oasis is an alternative rock band that was always focused on guitar oriented songs. And Swamp Song is the epitome. Noel's guitar is always interesting. I love his guitar with the British flag colors / symbols. This song that was recorded in South Whales in 1995 was used as a warm up exercise for Morning Glory sessions. The part you hear closer to the end of the album near Champagne Supernova is strategically placed. Paul Weller joined Oasis for Champagne Supernova. His lead guitar and harmonica make him the star on The Swamp Song.

If you can't find the Wonderwall cd or the Wonderwall single of which The Swamp Song is a b-side then I recommend purchasing The Masterplan. If however, you are looking for free online music to listen than my rock music website is second to none. I prowl the web for rare songs mostly of British Rock bands and present them on this blog. My biggest work was on The Verve's rarities. The article was deleted and I was able to include as many. But I brought the names of the rare songs to help organize your music playlists online.

If you enjoy alternative rock and listening to free pop music than check out my series on Oasis. I have so far gone through every song from Oasis Definitely Maybe to the middle of Oasis What's The Story Morning Glory. Here is a solid review of the masterplan despite it trashing the Swamp Song. Still it might have been a review on this site or Borders (now extinct) which tells the back story of why Noel Gallagher scrapped the working title The Jam.

For guitar tabs and playing Oasis The Swamp Song musician Bill Watt recommends: