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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Alternative Rock. British Rock Oasis What's The Story Morning Glory Hey Now short story

This is the song

These are the lyrics:

I hitched a ride with my soul 
by the side of the road
just as the sky turned black
I took a walk with my fame
Down memory lane
I never did find my way back

You know that I gotta say time's slipping away
What will it hold for me
What I am going to do while I'm looking at you
You're standing ignoring me

I thought I heard someone say now
There's no time for running away now
Hey now! Hey now!

Feel no shame- cos time is no chain
Feel no shame

The first thing I saw
as I walked through the door
was a sign on the wall that read
it said you might never know
that i want you to know
what's written inside of your head

And time as it stands
Won't be held in my hands
Or living inside of my skin
And as it fell from my sky
I asked myself why
Can I never let anyone in?

Source: (What's The Story Morning Glory booklet)

Be sure to pick up the album.

Here is my fictional short story based on those lyrics:

My name Brielle is a deriviative of Gabrielle. So it means I am God's bravest woman. I live with my mother, a loving women in the small town of Los Angeles. It's the summer of 1871; I've worked hard on the farm and need a vacation. I am visiting my cousins in New Orleans.

I am a young 17  year old girl and I can't afford a ticket on the transcontinental railroad. So I go off the side of the dirt road and down the wooded path. I know where the classic old cargo train stops before the sun goes down. I hop on, hitching a ride like a railroad bandit, a hobo. I won't look back from this adventure. Still very early in my adventure I am excited and scared.

I do already miss my lovely mother. And I wish I wasn't alone. The shadows have turned into pitch blackness. There is a chill in the air. I hope no one from the railroad gets angry with me for sneaking on this cargo train. I also know anyone could be on this train, whether hobos, homeless dudes, robbers, murderers, or rapists.

The train has started moving and is now moving full blast. It is certain death to jump off now. Suddenly, I hear a noise. I turn to the rail road car behind me with the lumber and see nothing. I look to the car infront of me and I can't even see over the container. Now I hear footsteps. I hear a sort of grunted sound a disreputable human or a bigfoot would make. The footsteps are coming closer to me. I turn around and realize they are coming around the side of the lumber car. I turn to run but there is no toe holds on the container. I am trapped. I am petrified as my unknown assailant is approaching. Could this person be a friend?

Part two to be published Wednesday March 11th.