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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Oasis Part 4 British Rock Definitely Maybe

Cigarettes and Alcohol
Cigarettes and Alcohol

Is about doing coke and making things happen. Cigarettes and Alcohol is about being content with cigarettes and alcohol. These are the remedies to the banality and futile existence of the working life. Oasis ask,
                Is it worth the aggravation to find a job when there's nothing worth working for
Oasis have raw attitude in this song. This is a very good video showing the rock n roll lifestyle. The chords are heavy and the lyrics straight to the point: Life is not worth living right, it's not worth being a wage slave and saving for retirement. Live for the now,

You could wait for a lifetime 
           to spend your days in the sunshine

          You might as well do the white line

        Cos when it comes on top

         You gotta make things happen .. .

The lyrics to Cigarettes and Alcohol are extremely straightforward so there are no hidden messages for me to decode. But I ask you, my friend what you think "Making things happen" refers to. Just leave your answer in the comment section below.
Musically, Cigarettes and Alcohol is the essence of rock music. Noel Gallagher definitely steals from T-Rex "Get It On" formerly called "Bang a Gong". In fact, when Paul Arthurs ("Bonehead") heard this song for the first time he told Noel, "That's TRex." Noel basically said, "fuck it, it's brilliant." Noel also said, "You can take the most original band in the world. and they're just playing what they heard in their music collection."

All three b-sides to Cigarettes and Alcohol:  Fade Away, The Beatles Cover "I Am the Walrus", and Listen Up all appear on Oasis Masterplan, a collection of Oasis b-sides. I highly recommend this album as it feels like a Best of Album. Oasis didn't produce lesser quality songs for their B-sides. Their best music was certainly never heard by Americans!

The line up for Cigarettes and Alcohol was:
Liam Gallagher - vocals
Noel Gallagher -   lead guitar
Paul McGuigan- "Guigsy" -bassist
Paul Arthurs - "Bonehead" - rhythm guitars
Tony McCaroll-  drums-