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Friday, October 3, 2014

Oasis Part 2 British Rock Definitely Maybe

Today, I guide you further into Oasis' debut album Definitely Maybe. We feature Up in the Sky, Columbia, and Supersonic. While listening, focus on the often over-looked position  of rhythm guitarist within Oasis, Paul "Bonehead" Arthurs. He is Oasis. His reliable and loud rhythm guitar make Oasis' sound unequaled. Enjoy the songs!

Up In the Sky
is blaring music in the background that makes you feel you gained an edge over your fellow man. Up In The Sky gives you confidence. You will get well needed energy  that is fun to have.
You  can do good  while listening to solid clean rock music by a couple of blokes who don't care. This will give you a strong base to face life. Another solid live performance is from Live at the white room as part of the Live by the sea DVD. Live by the sea are lyrics from Oasis's song It's Good to be free.
This is a live performance I remember liking. If you watch the other videos from this same concert you understand the exciting atmosphere. The concert is just loud, awesome music. Oasis does not simply blanket perfectly polished noise in the background to emphasize the singer upfront. While the vocals and music are at the same level, British music like Oasis focuses on the raw guitar.

Clean production and big time guitar-playing is what comes to mind with Columbia. My interest is in seeing them play this live. The video below is from Knebworth in 1996. Where they were at an historical peak of fame. Feel this energy; Oasis are putting on a tremendous show to a record size crowd of 250,000 people over two nights. They had 2.5 million ticket applications!! This whole concert with Oasis' huge sound is worth checking out! Paul "Bonehead" Arthurs, the remarkable Oasis rhythm guitarist said that Columbia was his favorite song to play because it only consisted of a few chords. He could get into a hypnotic groove playing Columbia.1

        Some personal thoughts: This will give you the confidence to ambush the people in your life from a business stand point. Raid the ones that downplay your achievements. And therefore don't realize how truly great you have done with your life so far. Larrup the assholes who hold something over your head. You may be in debt to them. Maybe they invested in your college education and hold you to unrealistic expectations of livelihood. Well take this song, ride high, and get the type of success that shuts everyone, including yourself up. Then revel in the shocking quietness that always remains after your accomplishment. 
       Now onto the music itself. This song holds the test of time. Noel Gallagher still plays Supersonic after Oasis broke up in 2009. But Supersonic became Oasis' first hit back in 1994. While waiting to record Bring It On Down, band leader Noel Gallager hummed a melody over drummer Tony McCaroll and rhythm guitarist Paul Arthurs' impromptu jam. When they were told by the record company this should be a hit, Noel wrote lyrics in a corner. The famous Elsa in the song doesn't refer to teenage prostitution as commonly thought. Those lyrics are about sound engineer David Scott's nine-stone rottweiler who has a farting problem. The dog was present for the quick recording of Supersonic . Hence the lyrics "he's into Alka seltzer".  In addition, Noel Gallager said that despite the similarities of Supersonic' solo to the riff from George Harrison's My Sweet Lord, Noel didn't set out to copy the riff.

Be sure to check out Live at the Whiteroom concert (1995) as part of the Live By The Sea DVD.
And Live at Knebworth (1996) for these songs featured today. Oasis's songs Up In The Sky, Columbia, and Supersonic will give you the energy to get to the top in your life.
Crush your competition and have some adrenaline-fueled fun in the process. Oasis have a loud raw guitar sound yet the vocals are easily heard. Oasis' signature sound comes from Paul "Bonehead" Arthurs reliable rhythm guitar. Real good comes from their music, as far as I am concerned. And Noel's songwriting comes from a very interesting place.

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