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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Oasis Part 3 British Rock Definitely Maybe

Tonight we focus on Bring It On Down. This is hard rock!

Bring It On Down is the essence of  Oasis' loud, intimate venue I referenced in the last part. That concert we wish we were at. However, this song, Oasis Bring It On Down is not just about the music, but the lyrics are also significant.

Oasis Bring It On Down has lyrical significance because a British punk revolution is referenced. Throughout Definitely Maybe, especially later on when I discuss Cigarettes and Alcohol, a rebellious attitude towards British royalty and  about working in general is expressed. Check out the lyrics to Bring It On Down.

"you're the outcast-you're the underclass. But you don't care because you're living fast"
This is about doing drugs so you don't care about not being part of upper class or the in-crowd. As you can imagine this attitude was very punk to the British public that became engrossed with Definitely Maybe.

Noel Gallagher further alludes to an outcast forcing their way into an upper class or in-party crowd. Noel alludes to problems with drugs and alcohol.
"You're the uninvited guest who stays till the end. I know you got a problem that the devil sends."
Much more fun songs from Definitely Maybe to come.