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Friday, October 14, 2016

New Oasis songs from Be Here Now 3 CD Re-Issue October 14th, 2016

With the re-release of Oasis's infamous Be Here Now today, I will examine how I would have changed the album's Oasis songs.

However, let me be clear that I have truly grown to love the album as it is. I love the 30 plus guitars overdubbed on the Oasis song My Big Mouth. I love the epic sound and drug fueled music adventure throughout the album. In a Wave Magazine news article from December 16th, 2006 Noel Gallagher explains, ""The really interesting stuff from around that period is the B-sides. There's a lot more inspired music (oasis songs) on the B-sides than there is on Be Here Now itself, I think". So I am replacing some of the Be Here Now A-sides with B-sides on my fictional re-issued version. Here are the changes I would have made:

Opening oasis song: I would replace D' You Know What I Mean with the Oasis B-side song Stay Young. Even though the excess on this track is the essence of the cocaine supernova found on Be Here Now, Noel admits the song is about nothing. The song also drags on a bit too much and its anti-God lyrics make it not relaxing for me. Do You Know What I Mean is an Oasis song you listen to when you are ready to go to battle! Stay Young has universal purpose.

oasis song 2: For Much the same reasons as I mentioned concerning Do You Know What I Mean I would suggest the relaxing Oasis song Stand By Me B-side Going Nowhere as positive variation.

oasis song 3: I would keep  the oasis song Magic Pie. However I would trim the ending by about 30 seconds.

oasis song 4: Stand by Me is perfect is a perfect Oasis song as it is. I stands for the cocaine driven rock. Long slightly out of tune guitars backed by Liam singing his arse off.

oasis song 5: Again, I Hope I Think I Know is simply a perfect Oasis rock song. In fact, I am going to queue that up as I write.

oasis song 6: I would keep the oasis song The Girl In the Dirty Shirt. However, I might re-mix parts of the sound quality. Also the ending as it spans the last minute and a half could be reduced. I would have it so the phrase "She knows exactly what she's worth to me" is repeated maybe 5 or 6 times. And it just ends on one "Now I See". The music would be playing in full force to the very end. Not like the current track where the "Now I See" part is sung while the music slowly disassembles.

oasis song 7: Sorry Johnny Depp, but I would cut the oasis song Fade-In-Out and replace it with I Got the Fever. Another Stand By Me b-side.

oasis song 8: I would keep Don't Go Away. But again the ending drags on with the unplugged outro. I would cut the outro of this oasis song.

oasis song 9: Be Here Now reminds me of another oasis song, Some Might Say and has the potential of being a classic song. I would fix the outro. I would make it so the music heard in the beginning and middle of the song is also heard at the end. I would have a few repeated phrases and then an instrumental outro. This would be similar to the vein of Some Might Say and Morning Glory.

oasis song 10: I would cut some of the repetitious phrases from the famous Oasis song All Around The World. I would cut some of the singing during the soaring guitar solo. And I would double up the guitar solo from a mere 50 seconds or so to over 2 minutes. I would include the best parts of All Around the World Reprise to do this.

oasis song 11: There is a BBC documentary called "Right here right now" and that version of It's Getter Better Man is far superior to the album. The outro presented is an instrumental compared to the repetitious vocals of the album version's outro. And its way more amazing sounding. Even the versions found in the epic Be Here Now tour are far superior to the album's version.

oasis song 12: I would use the final b-side from Stand By Me, the oasis song My Sister Lover to close out the album.

There are other variations of Be Here Now b-sides I would replace songs with. Hell, I might even change what songs I would replace. Heroes and Fame stand out as great Be Here Now b-sides also.

The question is how would you fix Be Here Now?

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What are you favorite new Oasis songs from the newest 3 cds put out by Oasis.