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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Oasis Cast No Shadow

  Noel Gallagher wrote Cast No Shadow on a train ride back to the studio while recording the 90s music album What's the Story Morning Glory. This was the last song written for the 90s album. Noel Gallagher wrote Oasis Cast No Shadow as a dedication to the genius of Richard Ashcroft. But he is saying Ashcroft has no soul. This is because the song states

As he faces the sun he cast no shadow
In searching the symbolism or meaning of shadow we find it is the essence of a person. Their duality, whether their doppleganger or their alter ego. Their unconscious. To not have a shadow is to be more in never never land than Peter Pan, who desperately fought for his shadow. The Shadow is important.

One great interpretation of the song Cast No Shadow from one of many great Oasis albums is by Tayrn Manning from the Wall Street Journal. Her Interpretation of Cast No Shadow is about an artist's struggle with being heard. Feeling misunderstood and questioning if their music is being felt. Decent interpretation. Below is my fan made video of Oasis Cast No Shadow from their album What's The Story Morning Glory.

Because there is little information on the great track Oasis Cast No Shadow I will convey my opinion on the track. And what I think it means.

     In general, the lyrics present someone being chained down unable to move. And someone that doesn't have his alter ego or doppleganger. Someone who goes through life quite simply. And Richard Ashcroft I think has a very strong shadow. So I think his tribute A Northern Soul is more complimentary towards Noel than Cast No Shadow is to him. To say someone has no shadow is to say the have no soul. But musically Cast No Shadow is absolutely beautiful. Chorus, harmonies and acoustic melodies.

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