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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Oasis She's Electric

       This song is certainly about a woman Noel was infatuated with. Oasis She's Electric lyrics describes the song's meaning perfectly. In short, Noel is referring to a women's family. At the end he writes, 
She's got one in the oven, 
       But its nothing to do with me. 

This is referring to  her having someone else's baby. 
      She's Electric fits perfectly into Oasis What's the Story Morning Glory as the fun and relaxing song. It is the Digsy's Dinner of the album. This 90s rock Oasis album is very wholesome. The songs have an edge but you could listen to this album with a pastor. So you can very much be at ease. And the lyrics aren't devoid of God. 
She's  got a sister and god only knows how I've missed her
So the song is simply soft rock that gives you a great feeling. Another enjoyable part of this song is that one of the repeated lines is: 
And I need more time

I like taking my time with things to make sure it's done right. In the case of the song it is having enough time for Noel to square his life together to have a future with the girl. In our lives it may mean more time on a project, fitness goal, etc. 

So in conclusion, on its own She's Electric is nothing groundbreaking. However, as part of the Oasis What's The Story Morning Glory album it's a relaxing, fun song. The Digsy's Dinner of What's The Story Morning Glory. Enjoy the album!
(What's The Story) Morning Glory? [3 CD][Deluxe Edition][Remastered]