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Friday, April 10, 2015

Oasis Some Might Say

Band Oasis Song Some Might Say Single Artwork of a man in a wheelbarrow in front of a bridge and house
Oasis Some Might Say single artwork

Official Oasis Some Might Say music video

Liam Gallagher didn't show up for the video shoot. And so the video is simply footage of other Oasis  videos. And what a shame for a career defining song that there is no real video. At least, I really don't like this video. For one, the album version contains the awesome intros and outros and middle guitar solo this video doesn't  have. That's unjust. Secondly, you almost get a seizure watching the flashing images in the video. Thirdly, it doesn't line up with my own image of the song which I see as enjoying a summer's day. That was the case when I first received the album for my birthday in 2006. And I listened particularly to Some Might Say on the way to my cousin Kristen's graduation that was celebrated outside on a hot sunny day.
Some Might Say we will find a brighter day

Some interesting tid bits about Some Might Say are that it is quintessential Oasis. And they were on fire during the recording because Some Might Say is an extended play (EP) which means the single contains more music than a single but less than an album. Some Might Say included for b-sides: Acquiesce, Talk Tonight, and Headshrinker. Which all made it to the greatest B-sides album - The Masterplan.

Noel is known for being critical of Oasis' works. If you need proof watch Noel Gallagher Oasis Commentary, but he said that Some Might Say and Acquiesce defined Oasis. Beautiful rock and roll with simple lyrics. The album artwork above is done well. Many of the lyrics in the chorus are showcased in the photo. Not an easy song at all to play on guitar. Some Oasis songs require two guitarists. Have a look at playing an oasis song.

Finally, if you read down to here and are what they call "prudential" than I have for you a better alternative to the Oasis Music video. Yeah I won't leave you hanging. Enjoy this free music from 90s rock and roll. The album version!

If you decide you like it and want a more permanent version. I highly recommend either getting the album What's the Story Morning Glory. Or Download the mp3 of this song for $.0.89 and have it risk free forever by clicking the blue link. Some Might Say

I firmly believe Oasis were on their peak during the Be Here Now tour. And I love their Gmex 1997 (Back where we Belong) performance of Some Might Say.

Some Might Say marked the goodbye of drummer Tony McCaroll. Alan White was ushered in .