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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Youtube Game. Universal and Convenient

I invite everyone to play the youtube game. Find a buddy anywhere in the world on another computer. You both Start at any video and the first one to get to the chosen destination video by only clicking on and watching featured or related videos wins. In this case, start with this video:

and end with any Blind Melon Woodstock video. The catch is you can only click on the featured or related videos. You have to watch each video in its entirety. So if you keep clicking long videos it will take a while! But enjoy the videos you come across. Videos you would not have watched any other way! Obviously the first person to piece the connection together and arrive on the winning video wins. 

In the case of Bill and I.  Bill Wins! Bill states,

"Got it. The key for me was Lindsey Buckingham who did the holiday road song. Then tried to find Axl Rose who was friends with Shannon Hoon. Got to the alt rock songs and somehow made it."

Meanwhile, Youtube distracted me by featuring a very personalized video. I picked a 52 minute video of Fr. John Corapi speaking LMAO.

Bill has a winning record over me. 
But remember to watch an enjoy each video. Don't be joylessly focused on winning. Win with soul. You should always be able to talk about an interesting video you went through to get to the destination video. ENJOY