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Monday, December 1, 2014

British Rock Oasis What's The Story Morning Glory Part 2

 I will focus on tracks other than Morning Glory and Roll With It that I discussed in the other article.

My Listening
based on Gary Glitter's "Hello Hello I"m back again." He receives 1 million in royalties because the album What's the story morning glory was so popular worldwide.
Still The Oasis track is creative. A great album opener. Particularly love the sadder sounding
It's never gonna be the same 
 cuz the years are falling apart like the rain . .

I think if you make a mistake in offending someone deeply. Things will never be the same between you and He or She.
But things return to normal when reintroduced with familiarity. For Oasis this is making rocking albums. Welcome back 1995 Oasis!

Noel's take
Paraphrasing Noel to Select magazine, he says about the song:  he doesn't care about the girl anymore. things will never be the same with them again. It was made at the end of the Definitely Maybe sessions. And it was about being in a rock band. It's good to be back making records."

Oasis is always experimenting and improving. Their album What's The Story Morning Glory almost feels like one jam with the swamp songs (tracks 6 and 11) as well as the Wonderwall riffs that are found in the beginning of Hello before the track starts rocking. The wonderwall riff is also at the end of champagne supernova.
The song just rocks after the wonderwall intro. That's cliche  I know, but I try to say that about songs that do rock. Once you hear the beat you will understand.
The lyrics about life is a game we play get you in a playful, happy mood. Much more to come!