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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Oasis British Rock What's The Story (Morning Glory)

       What's The Story Morning Glory is many people's introduction to Oasis. The first Oasis record they usually own.  Here in the United States I was introduced to Wonderwall during a highschool business club (DECA) trip. I heard Champagne Supernova around the same time over the radio. But I discovered without a doubt every track on the album was better than these two excellent songs. I definitely fell more in love with the British way of releasing music; albums as opposed to individual songs. Buying one song is the musical attention deficit way of buying music. Recently artists such as Nick Mason of Pink Floyd said U2 Devalued Music further by giving away their newest album on Itunes. I don't know what commission Amazon gives to the musician. I think it is more than Spotify. When Taylor Swift refused to put her new album 1989 out on Spotify the news showed the Spotify executive. He said quite simply that now is a streaming culture. To me this was arrogant because the 0.007 % spotify gives to musicians isn't good enough. Great music starts and stops with the creativity of the artist, not music executives or entrepreneurs (Spotify). I think Itunes is slightly better because Steve Jobs created it in a way to stop the theft of music. Still the artists may be skimped. But I recommend you support Oasis in their newest release of the What's The Story (Morning Glory) Deluxe set. This is on my facebook newsfeed over the last months. I have seen rare versions of songs, like a Noel Gallagher sung She's Electric. The album as a whole is very conscientious and is musical candy. I want to take you on the journey of this great rock album. So join me in my series. I will do two posts a week.