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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Nine Inch Nails: Hesitation Mark On Tour Tickets For Sale

 Nine Inch Nails is a band that revolutionized listening to music. They employ the most creative, and fun ways to promote their latest music albums. Their album year zero featured free online streaming of tracks when people discovered mp3s in stadiums. Reznor then advocated a music free stream online. The Slip was offered in digital form offered for free allowing you to listen to music albums free.   There has never been a better time for  listening to music free or listening to rock music online with bands like Nine Inch Nails active. Nine Inch Nails continues to defy record companies by being fiercely independent. This makes Nine Inch Nails music considered as alternative indie rock or rock alternative.When it comes to music producers of interesting rock alternative bands Trent Reznor is by himself. Reznor is a rare music producer that created an album, year zero, solely on a tour bus using his laptop. Trent Reznor wrote La Mer, from their album Fragile, while planning to kill himself in a house by the ocean. A truly interesting album from any of the alternative music bands is Downward Spiral, Nine Inch Nails most successful album.  Nine inch nails new album,  Hesitation marks is out now. It is different than hard rock because Nine Inch Nails newest offering is very techno, has electronics, melodic vocals and occasionally rocks. 

Eater of dreams - tapping that sounds like the beginning of a car fire.  Has a message "man down"
 Copy of a - laid back singing. Not rocking but has a steady beat. Interesting music and beat. Lyrics dark and mysterious. Grasp the song easier by following the lyrics of the song. Understanding your interpretation of the song's meaning is more fun. The non-traditionally long chorus is the best part of the song with its slow inflected vocals.

Came Back Haunted - Even more inflected vocals than Copy of A. Trent Reznors' thrilling yet tormented writings on dark subject matter tell the narrative of a ghost that has came back haunted. The song is so heavily layered with many elements. This music as it is very different from music you have heard before. The vocals are similar in each song. However, Trent Reznor mixes it up in Came Back Haunted by whispering. A whisper a ghost hunter might capture as an EVP.

Find My Way  - a song that stands out because of its straight forward laid back singing. This is the clear message of a wayward soul. If you are looking for a rock album you will be disappointed. But if you open your mind to something different, Nine Inch Nails are very good at what they do. The slightly melancholy music that grows on you. The ghostly theme matches the music. A spirit wandering the earth prays to the lord to save him in the afterlife.

All time low - the music feel more energetic yet dreadful. The vibrating effects from the background as well as the skillfully resonating vocals bring a steady atmosphere. The ricocheting music. The slow angelic vocals. Heavy electronics. The chorus is very long. All of this makes for pleasant, relaxing music you could enjoy with headphones in a jacuzzi.

Disappointed -  Reznor isn't changing. His sinister music sifting through to a semi rock sound. But no full eruption into heavy rock. That's okay this is different, this is atmospheric. The continuous music sounds like the airport at night. In Disappointed Reznor sings the most passionately of the record so far. The main beat always changes, great variation. And the album booklet has that new smell!

Everything.  First real rock song of the album. The loudness equal to anything. The excitement escalates; the goodbyes are impactful. And the underlying guitar riff is catchy. Nine Inch Nails don't have the same beat twice in a song except for choruses. This is great musicianship. The protagonist of the lyrical story has arrived at a glorious destiny.

Hesitation Marks (Deluxe Edition)

Satellite - The faster catchier singing would be a good soundtrack to a fast and furious action scene. It's no wonder Trent Reznor is in demand for movie soundtracks. And the sinister offbeats of Satellite could be in a Death Wish movie as Paul Cursy (played by Charles Bronson) is sizing up the scene. This catchy beat would definitely a synthesizer and keyboard to be played live. The ghostly theme of someone watching over you from beyond the grave continues.

Various Methods of Escape - Rockish music plays during the chorus. This track stood out to me one night as I drove through the dark woods of Natick MA trying to find Route 128 or 95 south. The wah wah pedal esque intrumental as the singing continues drowned out the howling of my car's suspect engine.

Running - Nine Inch Nails continue to mix things up: The catchy whispering; car-like electronic sounds; low pitched noises; unforgettable celebratory sounds -two notes back and forth. This song is about running out of places to escape. Most likely escaping the afterlife if we continue the ghostly theme of the album.

I would for you
This quality music evokes the emotion of dread and suspense, it's dreadful music. The music rocks because the beginning sounds like the end of magnetos level in xmen for sega genesis. SINISTER! Excellent guitar passage that is portentous. All these sounds are produced in a catchy way, further demonstrating Nine Inch Nails musicianship.

In two
Seamless transition between songs throughout the album. In Two has faster, upbeat music. The long passages help you zone out.

while I'm still here
Again the transitions are so smooth you only realize it is a new song when the beat slows so down. While I'm Still Here is a song u might hear as you sit by a window sill during a rainstorm listening insanely to the dripping water.

Black Noise - This album really feels like one piece. Even if u pay attention you don't know when the next song is coming. This alternative rock song brings impending doom.

Below is a list of Nine Inch Nails albums, EPs and releases that counted towards an alternative rock chart. I include the two best chart positions on alternative music charts. And in some cases I throw in an interesting fact or anecdote. I will continue to add them. Buy through my amazon links if you choose to enjoy these nine inch nails cds.

Pretty Hate Machine
Head like a Hole, a staple in Nine Inch Nails Live Performances
3X platinum in United States. The song "Down In It" reached #16 on US Alternative Songs chart. Head Like A Hole reached #17 on US Hot Dance Music/ Club Play. And "Sin" reached #10 on US Hot Dance Music / Club Play chart. 
Pretty Hate Machine: 2010 Remaster
Wish, Happiness in Slavery
Broken (EP)
Best ranking #7 on US Billboard 200. Certified Platinum in US and Canada. On the alternative songs chart Happiness In Slavery reached #13. And Wish reached #25. Wish won the grammy award for Best Metal Performance. As did the Live performance of the Woodstock 1994 Happiness In Slavery.
The Downward Spiral (very interesting - should expand on this)
March of the pigs, Closer, Piggy, and Hurt
The Downward Spiral
This was Nine Inch Nails ultimate goldmine on the alternative rock charts. The best success was in the United States. The album ranked #2 on the US Billboard 200. The album was certified 4X Platinum in the U.S. Closer was the best single from the album, gaining international success by ranking #3 in Australia. 
Picture of man hanging from music video of Song Closer by the band Nine Inch Nails
Nine Inch Nails Closer

Downward Spiral
Furthering the focus on the concept of a downward spiral is Tool's fascination with the spirals of the Fibonacci sequence. But you know it also gives a focus on the person. Check out Tool Lateralus.
The Fragile
The Day the world went away, we're in this together, Into this void, starfuckers, inc.

album notes: In some ways, The Fragile is a response to The Downward Spiral. Reznor compared the lyrical content of the two albums:
I wanted this album to sound like there was something inherently flawed in the situation, like someone struggling to put the pieces together. The Downward Spiral was about peeling off layers and arriving at a naked, ugly end. This album starts at the end, then attempts to create order from chaos, but never reaches the goal. It’s probably a bleaker album because it arrives back where it starts — (with) the same emotion. The album begins "Somewhat Damaged" and ends "Ripe (With Decay)".[18]
This quote is from Wikipedia Nine Inch Nails Discography.
La Mer was written as Reznor intended to kill himself in a house by the ocean. Another alternative rock band that went through a similarly intensive painstaking creative process was The Verve's creation of A Northern Soul. Nine Inch Nails go through this torture again each night as Nine inch nails live band reformed for Fragility 1.0 and 2.0 tours.

Scott Seward of The Village Voice facetiously commended Reznor for "once again ... pioneering the marriage of heavy guitars, moody atmospherics, electronic drones and beats, and aggressive singing. Just like Killing Joke 20 years ago."[45] 

Again this quote is from Wikipedia Nine Inch Nails Discography. 

The Fragile
The album peaked at #1 on the US Billboard 200. The single The Day The World Went Away peaked at #1 in Canada.
The Fragile
A nine inch nails cd that takes you on a perilous journey. The Verve A Storm in Heaven takes one on a different type of perilous journey. 
With Teeth
The hand that feeds, Only, Everyday is exactly the same
Dave Grohl drummed on several tracks
The album peaked at #1 on Billboard 200 and Top Internet Albums. The singles The Hand That Feeds, Only, and Everyday is Exactly the Same all achieved #1 rankings on the US Modern Rock Tracks. And The Hand That Feeds and Everyday is Exactly the Same achieved the #1 ranking on the Canadian alternative rock chart. 
With Teeth
 Year Zero
Survivalism, Capital G
Unique promotional game. 
about a bad futuristic world the United States is heading in according to Reznor. 
Nine Inch Nails live band member John Freeze contributes instrumentals to the album. 
The Year Zero cd is initially black but becomes white from the heat when played. The album booklet has a phone number to report people with subversive acts. When a person calls this number a recording plays that relates to the Year Zero futuristic reality game. 
The album peaked at #2 on the Billboard 200 and Billboard Top Internet Albums.
The single Survivalism peaked at #1 on the US modern rock tracks and Canada. While the second single Capital-G peaked at #6 on US Modern Rock Tracks. 
Year Zero
 Ghosts I-IV
Interesting album, made completely impulsively by Reznor and crew. 
Ghosts I-IV
peaked as 1 and 2 on the Dance/Electronic Albums and Independent Albums respectively in 2008. 
Ghosts I - IV
The Slip
"I need your discipline. I need your help" is a long way from "I'd rather die/ than give you control" from Head like a Hole twenty years earlier. 
best two chart positions for album:
#13 for both Billboard 200 and Top Internet Albums
Singles; Discipline:
#6 on Alternative songs for 2008
and #9 for I-like, most added song

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