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Monday, June 24, 2013

Alternative Rock Artist JGE

       JGE or John Guyette Experiment is a fun folk-pop-new-age project from myself (Bobby Hurley), and rising music star, Bill Watt. We free ourselves to create emotionally captivating music. The music and pictures of the videos reflect our taste in music, entertainment, and culture. These influences include Blind Melon, Oasis, Genesis, 1970s alternative rock, 1990s tv theme songs, and music from the weather channel. The playing of JGE often sounds like Irish wake music - no matter how hard we prevent this. 
       My solo work has good vision, but just needs talent to reach my exactly-desired-sound. Maybe I will hire someone years from now in South Shore Massachusetts area. But Bill's solo work is about using his talent to play chords and go in that direction. So take your perception of what is weird, set it aside for a while, and find a message in the music of JGE.
Laptops for Less
Variations of an Irish Temperament
Dave Thomas, the founder of Wendy's, is in this video collage! The sad sounding part from 2:35 to 3:05 shows pictures of Vault and Dave Thomas. When your crazy Vault energy drink wears off you are sad as you experience a sugar and caffeine crash. What's even more depressing is that Dave Thomas, the great Wendy's founder, and war veteran is dead.1, 1a. We prefer these sad sounding chords such as Em, (e minor), and Dm (d minor) because this music cuts out what's unimportant and you naturally reflect on what is. Variations of an Irish Temperament also contains the chords E, G, and C. I was inspired by the play of Nick McCabe, an extraordinary guitarist most known for the Verve. Listen to the incredible sounding Weeping Willow to sympathize with my opinion. As far as Variations of an Irish Temperament goes we hope to have background experimental electric guitar solos here and there. During Variations of an Irish Temperament, we definitely jammed -letting the music flow. This spontaneous play was hard to replicate and done with humor. The humorous pictures include Kevin Garnett. Bill and I joked that someone will be found hanging from a tree with this song playing on loop from a boom box. So be aware of placing this song on loop, but enjoy!

This was a song created in madness in a worcester, MA Assumption College dorm- the result: psychedelic music.  I was chemically exhausted and furious about having my time wasted. So I begin with great tension, saying to Bill, "You are the lead so take it." He was beginning with his trippy, sergeant pepper-like guitar sound. Indeed, Bill bases his play on The Loungers from Beatles songs Within Without You, and Love You Too. He claims, "when playing guitar he draws more from others than when playing piano." I base my bongo drums on the main beat from Nirvana's Smells Like Teen Spirit. We are really influenced by 90s alternative rock. 

       Is that really water at the end? No, it isn't. Did the mirage fool you? This song includes images of public figures such as John Stamos and Michael Jackson. Both of whom are inside jokes for Bill and I. We laughed many times over Stamos's funny lines on Full House and put his posters on people's dorm room doors. Bill also went around singing You Are Not Alone in front of girl's rooms in the dorm. 

       Refresh yourself, your life, and rediscover the joy of victory. A roadside billboard once said, "A clean engine delivers power".2 Similarly, a clean mind delivers power and new interest in life. This video leads you on visual journey through the underwater caves around 3:20; it's breathtakingly beautiful, and refreshes the mind. This video also features glaciers, majestic caves, trickling streams, and roaring waterfalls.  I recommend you enjoy this by grabbing a chair, headphones and the beverage and substance of your choice. You could even enjoy the mp3 or cd version of this song driving through an exotic location.
This Irish song dance festivity has changing chords, variations of intensity, and Bill Watt's famous Irish notes. 

Conscientious Dreamer is what we all strive to be. Isn't it? We want the world at our command. Not through political power but by dominating life with our talents, personality and perspective. We do this by being conscious of our shortcomings and fixing them. And dreaming big!
        Again, it's all about the pictures: assumption alumni, the idiot wearing a jacket indoors with a balloon is me. The pictures of celebrities (if you use that term loosely) include Phillip Kohlschreiber, a german top 20 tennis player, visiting the zoo; Robbie Knievel jumps his motorcycle over planes on the US Intrepid; the Winchester Mystery House, a mansion with stairways leading nowhere, windows opening to a second story free fall. The WMH was built over 38 years by a woman who communicated with ghosts in seances to guide her in the design;You like the picture of Robbie Madison flying over a football field? I figured you would; Finally, you enjoy Alfonzo Ribiero -Alfonzo Ribiero! The end of Conscientious Dreamer creates in you, a desire to listen to The Rolling Stones Wild Horses. 

Suburban Nuthouse features pictures from my sisters trip to Arcadia. She and her boyfriend at the time, danced to the music. I hope you do too. The pictures are beautiful because the way the sun glares, the waterfalls, cliffs, peaceful blue skies, sunsets, mountain peaks for climbing, etc. Can't you hear my Tim the tool man grunt? Enjoy!

 This song is dedicated to my late uncle Brian Spence of Hollis New Hampshire. My mom thinks of the cute pet picture theme; I hope it convinces you that now is the time for a pet monkey. And Bill and I experiment with random styling of chords and notes; it sounds unique and easy to listen. My chords sound dark. Bill does his Irish notes over the main beat. You hear our banter. 

Get the Appliance Parts for your appliance for less.
Being for the Benefit of John Guyette is a play off of the Beatles Being for the benefit of Mr. Kite. Somehow, I don't see the Beatles ever suing us! haha I played a tune with very low bass notes while Bill plays interesting notes and chords. 
       The song's images match my vision, and features the exact picture, exactly when I envision them: A man underwater on a horse; Opie and Anthony at 2:18; At 2:22 is the appearance of Assumption College professor Peter Clemente, who is not responsible for any of JGE's music; When I feel the music resembles the solo and general riff from U2 New Year's Day is a picture of U2; and people jumping off cliffs. Wouldn't you like to try that feat into the shallow sea? At the song's end, Bill plays his Ring Around The Rosy-like song; I think of a dance with lights.This part seems Spanish, if not Irish- I am sure it offends both cultures.

 Bill developed the main beat for Huge Jet Tony. He dedicates the song to his grandfather. This great video features many crazy wrecks. It also features: semi trucks; Fr. Lamothe from Assumption College playing the harp; 1:49 includes a laughable looking Rich Vos, whose material from that show is hilarious; At 2:30 Bill's playing is reminiscent of a Red Hot Chilli Peppers guitar part; George Carlin and Carnegie Hall.,which are connected since Carlin filmed an HBO special there; Marat Safin showing rare sportsmanship to Federer after he defeated him in a classic 2005 Australian Open Semifinal; random families; an amazing picture of the statue of liberty; snow mobile and dirt bike acrobatics; my cat; Bill's cat; your cat; his cat; pizza; and Tom Hanks and Bill Murray from the movie Big performing on large Piano keys. However, it is a mosquito that shuts down the music's production.

Solomon Stark
Original lyrics, original music, a timeless theme, and mediocre singing. I use the scary sounding key of A minor chords3 from the Are You Afraid of the Dark intro; Am, Dm, and E7. I base the beat, both music and vocals around The Black Crowes She Talks to Angels. I had heard the song once before, and only joyfully rediscovered the song that played in my head after I recorded the indie rock song Solomon Stark. Solomon Stark has a classic guitar beat, leaving you wanting more; continue to satisfy yourself by listening. Bill plays a beautiful guitar tune in this song. 

        The lyrics to Solomon Stark are about a free man who does what he wants, when he wants, and who isn't stopped by anyone. He is a self-made man, who follows his interests. The space rock guitar outro continues, as does the illusion pictures.

Summers In Maine
       One definitely notices a crescendo in sound, especially at the end. This was recorded in a dorm room so you can hear doors opening and closing. Can you imagine the suffering of those next door? And unlike Dave Matthews or Bruce Springstein, JGE shuts up and plays. This is an original song based on adventures for the mind, in Maine. 
       But the continual rhythm guitar riffs combined with Bill's soft luscious lead guitar-work bring a mellow vibe. Bill's Irish melody gets progressively faster to accompany my faster rhythm guitar work. I have slept while listening to this music.

No Man Street
The song's title is a combination of the genesis song lonely man on the corner and the idea of a ghost town after summer ends. This punk, garage band like song gets your adrenaline flowing; especially if you watch the video. Images include scary places like Ghost Adventures lock downs, and famous authors. The creepy sounding chords contribute to a theme of Halloween and ghostly spirits. Shorter songs can give one a full experience; Porcupine Tree influenced me with songs like Great Expectations and Your Unpleasant Family. 

Walking The Track
My distinctive up, down, up, down guitar strumming and slow chord changes make this a pleasant tune. And Bill's complimentary mellow guitar make this a song one can play in the background and get shit done. The pictures of the boys walking on the train tracks is from the movie Stand By Me. Find yourself enjoying this alternative rock online as you peruse this blog.

JGE's first album.

At The Night
I sing over Bill's recorded guitar. The song is about my crazy adventures; an epic night-time ten mile bike expedition through Worcester, MA. I fly 40 mph in the break down lane, at times inches away from oncoming cars. In pitch dark, I drive down a rural street guessing where potholes and manholes are. I am paranoid of wild animals. Bill's melodic guitar reflects the spirit of adventure by having a sad feel that opens your mind to drastically different experiences. This brings your mind from boredom to an exciting dark place you've never been.

No Frisbee For Me
Frisbee being Bill and I's innuendo for porn. So this song was done in humor. Bill is clearly trying to play Blind Melon No Rain. This is psychedelic music for psychedelic people. My guitar rings and resonates. It's interesting in terms of psychotropic music, and authentic because it's one unedited take that you hear background noise, doors closing, and people talking. What artist can claim no editing on a track these days?

Bobby Hurley 
After All This Time
is a loud alternative rock song. I hope it reminds you of alternative rock from the 1990s. My song features the chords B, E, and Am. I hope someday to get the perfect version of the melody I hear in my head. The song is supposed to have sunny imagery. But with a little madness in the playing. Enjoy the picture of my hiking  at Tucker's Preserve in Pembroke

The Ultimate Diversion

This is the instrumental for After All This Time. I want to capture madness with the music. Don't you want more? I would love to play this on electric guitar someday. The ultimate guitar, I was inspired by Porcupine Tree's Blind House. 

Bill's solo songs

One day I talked to Bill on facebook, asking him about his music in general; what the main idea was, he responds: "It's really all about mood really. Sometimes when you play the chords and the way you play them, I'll think, "Okay all I'm seeing is this type of music, so let's go with that." It's all over the place, the solo work, I won't even know what's gonna happen. I Play a couple notes and something will pop up."

JGE Moving On has a steady beat. Bill describes freedom in this song:
"Moving on it wasn't so much of thinking about certain things as it was just feeling free. I think when that was written I felt really free. I Imagine the perfect amount of wind, and being somewhere where everything I needed is there".
This is by far the most successful video to date. With over 2,000 views. 
JGE Piano version of Variations of an Irish Temperament
  • I asked Bill some questions about this song. Bill answers: "Hmm well it was cool to take our guitar parts and cross them over to piano. Cuz I knew what I had to play except it had only been done on guitar"

    Bobby (me): nice, could you play both parts on piano? Cuz I know you can play rhythm with one hand and notes with the other. 
  • Bill: Yea.The chords in the left hand took a bit to figure out since that was on the spot, chord changes. But once you figure it out it feels good.

  • Bobby: From me right? I probably didn't even stay in the same key lol.
  • Bill: Yea it was cool switch that you did too. No, but honestly u made the challenge of finding the key interesting.

    Bobby: haha so no matter what combination of chords someone plays there is a key for that. cuz i was completely random. In fact, that spontaneity is the pride and joy of JGE.

    Bill Watt:  Very true.
  • Bobby: so it was fun and challenging to play, what feelings do you associate with the piano version of Variations?

  • Bill: Pride in heritage, and passed away family and friends. Although I'm only 1/8 Irish. 

       Overall, JGE, or John Guyette Experiment provides Irish sounding music. And the videos give the listener an interesting journey into weirdness. We try many different styles. We are fully aware of our musical shortcomings, and will improve. But I hope you notice the difference between me playing the rhythm guitar and Bill Watt playing beautifully lead guitar over. He is a great musician; looking for his chance to play live in the Maynard, MA area. He plays covers, and original material. Check out Bill's latest CD of solo material. On the other hand, I need an alternative, indie rock musician to capture what I hear in my head. 
      We bring heart and emotionalism to the music; like many of our influences, who we sound nothing like. I am a huge fan of Porcupine Tree, particularly some of their most emotional songs like Half Light and Fadeaway

       When listening to JGE, try to find the spontaneity of our instrumental music, message, and ideas. Embark on your project without inhibitions of trying new things. In this way, you can put enough effort to create something beautiful; like many bands that created masterpieces.  

So now my youtube channel is explained. Check out my latest offering, Run DMC dance.

And get ready for my take on Tool's Lateralus. 

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